What Do You Hate About Being An Adult?

typeBeing an adult isn’t always fun and games. A recent survey was conducted and adults were asked what they thought sucked about being an adult. All kinds of answers were given—but this blog post is all about the most popular things adults thought sucked about being an adult. Some of these may seem to be bitter—but they are the things people voted for!

You spend all your time making money, so you can spend all your money making time.

You work hard to buy a home just to work as hard inside your home.

There is no summer vacation from your job – unless you work at a school, but then you are back at school.

You wake up tired.

You have to watch what you eat – not just as it comes towards your mouth.

Once thrilled by the chase of childhood tag, you’re are now pursued and haunted by failed dreams.

You are that much closer to death.

Food shopping—every week for a family of twenty.

Hanging around the garage waiting for your car—and the bill that is sure to come with it.

What do you think? Do you agree with the things these people voted for? What would your personal adult hate be? Feel free to comment below and share the things you hate about being an adult.


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