The Scariest Horror Movies… You Probably Haven’t Seen!

the-entityWe know all the Halloween favorites… but how about the Halloween horrors few people have seen? This week I’d like to look at some of the best ‘unknown’ horror movies… movies that will terrify the very marrow in your bones… because more than likely… you won’t know the ending….

Breathing Room (2008)

A group of people wake up in a room to discover they have all been given numbers. They come to realize they are all “contestants” in some game, and there is no escape. Violence and mayhem ensue, with some great twists and clever angles. You won’t want to sleep after this one.

Cube (1997)

Before Saw there was… Cube. Seven strangers wake up to find themselves in separate rooms of a seemingly endless and incredibly deadly maze. Cube after cube, reveals new terrors, new traps, new ways to die. The strangers must navigate the maze and find the way out in order to survive….

The Bad Seed (1956)

A seemingly perfect family, including the perfect daughter, may not be all that they appear to be. This sweet, little girl may, in fact, be a psychopathic killer. Of course, what mother wants to believe something like that about their own child? What could be scarier than that?

Bug (2006)

Another unknown horror that may well have you reaching for the blankets… Ashley Judd plays Agnes, a waitress living in a motel, in rural Oklahoma. Agnes begins a relationship with a man who says he was discharged by the Army. He begins to discover bites across his body caused by bugs that Agnes cannot see, bugs that he says live in the blood and feed on the brain. The movie is strange, disturbing, and thought provoking. You are never really sure what is real, and what isn’t. But isn’t that part of the joy of watching a horror movie?

The Entity (1981)

Starring Barbara Hershey as Carla Moran, a woman who is attacked, beaten, and raped by an unseen force. She struggles to figure out what is happening to her. She feels as if she is going crazy and seeks the help of a psychiatrist, and later, a parapsychologist, in an attempt to put an end to the attacks. A tense, dramatic horror movie which really does creep the viewer out. Do you dare face the ‘Entity?”

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