My Latest Interview Reblogged: Reading, Writing and Storytelling Made Easy With Bestselling Author M.L. Newman!

far-far-away-front-coverWhat makes a book exciting? Is it the story? The way it’s written? It could be a mixture of everything. That’s the way I feel about M.L. Newman and her writing. She writes great stories, she has a great writing style and she really turns out books worth reading.

Her previous books have been bestsellers– her new one “Far, Far Away” is looking likely to match that high level of success. If you missed her previous books– you won’t want to miss this one! Why don’t you check out her latest interview!

What is your new book about, and where did you get the idea?

The story is continuing Lauren’s journey as a Sanguis Bellator. We watched her struggle with who she had become in the first book and even reject it entirely. Her choices will have consequences for all involved.

As soon as the first book ended, I knew where the sequel would lead. We watched Lauren interact with humans before and after the change. There was a need for her to not only “come home,” but to be able to see what was really going on inside the Bellator nest.

It’s always nice as a reader to watch a character learn and grow. Lauren will be doing exactly that, however, you know what they say about the best laid plans…

What makes this story one that you want to tell? Is there something about the story that grabbed you?

A great deal of the paranormal romances that I’ve read are of female humans falling in love with a nonhuman counterpart. I wanted to tell a different story, something off the beaten path with struggles not foreseen in other stories. Not just about what is lost, but what is gained from the experience.

Lauren has lost more than even she has realized. This is a turning point for her to see that even though some doors have been closed, there is another way. And it doesn’t have to be someone else’s way. She can make her own.

Why do you think readers will enjoy it?

The enjoyment of this story is the uniqueness of it. Readers look for excitement, a thrill of circumstances where a character does the unexpected.

You can read this full interview by clicking here.

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