Feed Your Reading Addiction

tellDuring any holiday, it’s hard to keep up with your usual routine. This blog article is for those who are addicted to reading. You’ve managed to cook a great meal for the family. You’ve done your Black Friday shopping. You have a little time to yourself—but you don’t want to get hooked by a book… because you may never have time to finish it. How do you find time to feed your book addiction? Why don’t you try these ideas?

Turn The TV Off…

And don’t start “The Walking Dead” on Netflix, either. That is addictive viewing… other shows to avoid are “Game of Thrones,” and “Mad Men.”

Why Not Try Short Stories For Size?

There’s always a spare half-hour between bed and breakfast if you choose to use it. Perfect for short stories – some of the greatest writers in the world have turned out world class short stories.

Embrace Insomnia

Those hours between three and five in the morning are perfect for reading, be it a gentle romance or something more passionate, or paranormal. These are uninterrupted hours that are perfect for feeding your reading addiction!

Buy That E-Reader!

Then there’s no excuse not to have books with you at all times – and nowhere too dark to read them.

Join A Book Club

You’ll be so behind the curve that all the lightweights who only joined for coffee and biscuits will have gone by now, leaving the serious readers to get on with it. Particularly good for those books you need to be prodded into finishing. Try it—it works perfectly!


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