Christmas Gift Ideas For The Book Worm Who Has Everything!

writing1111Are you stuck for a Christmas gift for the book lover in your life? It does seem a little dull to just gift someone an Amazon gift card, or a book—why not take the excitement to the next level? Try something exciting! New! Try something every book worm will not be able to resist… I have a few ideas for you. Feel free to steal them!

Book-Themed Art

How about art that is based on your book lovers favorite book? A giant print from Harry Potter perhaps? Something related to Games of Thrones? It’s the perfect unique gift and can be used in a variety of ways. There are a lot of companies out there selling book themed art—just check them out.

Something To Wear?

How about getting something your book worm can wear? A T-Shirt? A jacket? There are a lot of options out there—you will never know until you check it out!

A Kindle…

Seriously! What better gift for a book lover—access to thousands of books, and the ability to read at night in the dark. If your book lover hasn’t already picked up a Kindle—this might be the perfect time.

A Kindle Case?

If they already have a Kindle—why not try something cool and related like a Kindle case? Surely this must be one of the best gifts for the Kindle owner who uses their Kindle all the time? I would vote for this one!


Yes—what better gift for the reader who likes to snuggle up at night with their book? Scented candles would be even better. Did you know you can get a range of “literary” candles—what are they? Well find out!


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