Are You Ready To Use Your Writing Superpowers This Holiday?

With the holidays, just around the corner… you may be wondering how you will find the time to write. This is the writer’s dilemma. However, this is also a problem that can be solved. This blog article is all about finding the time to do what you like to do. Even during the busiest time of the year there are opportunities for writing time… let’s look at a few.

Less, Less, Less… MORE!

Okay… so instead of marathon writing sessions… why don’t you try working to a set target. Try writing 500 words per day? You will be able to fit this in between cooking sessions, carol services, before bed and even early in the morning. You will still make progress on your book—but without feeling rushed. Remember that great things come from small packages! Using this technique you may soon have finished your latest novel.

Skip Details… Write Stories

Practice writing loosely, skipping over any details that could bog you down in detail. Make a note where there is a scene transition or section of dialogue you will need to write later.

Learning to skip over parts of your story to keep momentum while drafting is a useful skill. This will help you complete larger sections of your novel in briefer writing sessions.

Cut Back!

If you’re really serious about writing a book from start to finish, you might need to make some hard choices. Instead of watching TV, for example, save up your favourite movies to watch as a reward when you reach milestones in your writing. Try cutting down on extra recreational activities and apply that time to writing your masterpiece.

Record… Don’t Write

I know finding time to write when there are many existing demands on your time means being creative. Why don’t you try using a voice recorder when you aren’t able to sit down and write? Storytelling, after all, has its roots in oral culture. You can always transcribe your writing later!

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