Spotlight Review: The Walls Came Tumbling Down By E.G. Weeks

I read a lot of books. It’s not unusual for me to read ten to twelve books in a week, and listen to three to four audiobooks during the same time frame. I think the highest praise I can give this book from my standpoint, is that while reading “The Walls Came Tumbling Down,” I didn’t pick up another book or listen to another audiobook. I found myself carrying my Kindle from room to room in my house, hoping for a minute or two I could dedicate to the book. That’s how powerful this book is.

If you like a book that pulls you through it, and must be a one or two sitting read- you will love “The Walls Came Tumbling Down.” A excellent read from E.G. Weeks with plenty of action and surprises, this tale is a treat for the reader. Beyond the requisite love, romance and stalkers- the author has given us a study of the main characters, and most specifically Danielle Moore, written with sensitivity and spirituality.

We can go beyond the story to see and feel the thoughts of the characters and learn of their past life experiences that are causing them to make the decisions at hand. As we get to know the characters, we feel what they feel. The reader knows their fear, their grief, and love. The story is drawn descriptively so that we become familiar not only with the players, but also brings full flavor to characters like Hoodie Creeper and Trey Collins who we come to understand throughout the book.

This is a story that gives the signs and sounds such realism that you enter the story effortlessly. Just don’t dismiss this as just another book. The characters will intrigue and endear you as you get to know them more intimately as the story evolves. I love a novel where a character becomes a friend to the reader— and you will find more than one friend in “The Walls Came Tumbling Down.” This is what hooked me I finished this book more than a few days ago, and I’ve been trying to figure out if I have the words to do it justice in my review. I didn’t want the book to come to an end. If that’s not a ringing endorsement—I don’t know what is. This book is one that should be on your shelf, or living on your Kindle.

The Walls Came Tumbling Down 

E.G. Weeks


the-walls-came-tumbling-downDanielle Moore shuts out the world after her husband leaves her. Her only friend lives hundreds of miles away. Her only activity is staying home and battling her demons in her nightmares; until she becomes the victim of a stalker. No one knows what the Hoodie Creeper looks like because of the hood but Danielle quickly realizes this stalker is a psychopath with a determination to destroy her.

She turns to a detective she knew ten years ago; Trey Collins was the man who let her mother’s mysterious death go unsolved. He promised Danielle that this time he would take good care of her. But does Trey know what he’s getting himself into? Find out the real story in The Walls Came Tumbling Down. Why don’t you pick up a copy today?



2017 Book Review Winner

The next winner chosen for the 2017 Book Review is E. G. Weeks! Congratulations and I can’t wait to begin reading your book.
M. L.

Spotlight Review: The Layover by L. Loren

A powerful novel from an author who many will love. This is romance, love, and life at it’s very best. “The Layover” from L. Loren is a hit from the very first word. 

“The Layover” is one of the most powerfully emotional and honest novels I’ve ever read. It is the story of the resilience of the heart, even in the face of devastating loss, and of how the capacity to hope and courage to love, despite all risk, define us as human. This is love and lust at its literary best.

Lynn Sutton lives a great life, with the smarts to match and no strings attached. As the successful owner of a luxury travel concierge service, she is building an empire that only a goddess like her can handle. Until one day, life throws the ultimate curve ball when she loses her only sister in a tragic car accident, and becomes the sole guardian of her niece and nephew. After years of focusing solely on the twins and her career, Lynn is left with the empty nest syndrome when the twins go off to college. She decides it’s time to refocus on herself and her love life. And she’s got her sights set on one man. That man is Connor.

It’s very rare to read a page-turner of a novel that not only entertains, but also lays bare raw, and very honest, emotions – from hopelessness and despair to elation and joy. “The Layover” is that rare book that stays with you long after you finish reading it, and makes you think about what is most important in your life. It’s a beautifully written story, its language both straightforward and poetic. With descriptions that are as vividly drawn as the authors thoughts and emotions.

I must mention Connor Wyatt. For me he was an excellent character who has been given all the hallmarks of success—but has never managed to fall in love. He desperately wants a family and when his marriage breaks up he rediscovers how exciting can be with Lynn.  He is such a strong character I was hooked on every word written about him.

This author surprised me. I was entranced with her characters, their chemistry and the way she put emotions to paper. This is a book that you should be reading. Beautiful writing does not do it justice. I would read more form this author and have no issue at all with giving her five stars!

The Layover 

L. Loren

lorenVivacious, witty and feisty, Lynn Sutton is living the life she desires, with the smarts to match and no strings attached. As the successful owner of a luxury travel concierge service, she is building an empire that only a goddess like her can handle. Until one day, life throws the ultimate curve ball when she loses her only sister in a tragic car accident, and becomes the sole guardian of her niece and nephew. After years of focusing solely on the twins and her career, Lynn is left with the empty nest syndrome when the twins go off to college. She decides it’s time to refocus on herself and her love life. And she’s got her sights set on one man…Connor.

Wealthy and intelligent, Connor Wyatt has never found his true love. Trapped in an arranged and loveless marriage, he craves the one thing his wife refuses to give him, a family. When he meets the beautiful aunt of the young man he is mentoring, she immediately awakens his dormant heart and loins. When his marriage falls apart, he renews his friendship with the beautiful and curvy Lynn in the hopes that he can rekindle a fire that has been smoldering within for years. And an unexpected flight layover brings Connor the chance of his lifetime.

The chemistry between the two is undeniable, but outside forces threaten to douse their inferno forever. Will this love connection finally be made? Or is it already too late? Why don’t you pick up a copy today?

The Truth About Createspace


Last week we talked a little bit about the publishing process, and the checklist you may want to use. This week, as promised, I’ve put together a few notes about one of the most popular publishing platforms—Createspace.

A large percentage of independently publishing authors use this platform, and it is considered to be one of the easiest of the platforms to use. But what is the truth?

The Good

One major consideration about Createspace is that you will have your book for sale on Amazon, which is still one of the biggest online retailers in the world. This allows you to have your writing for sale in many different countries and in front of a wide audience. With hundreds of millions of visitors each month, there are many opportunities to attract customers.

Another major draw is the royalties. A traditional publisher often pays only cents per book. However, with CreateSpace you are paid a royalty of 40% on the main listing and a decent percentage when selling on other channels.

The services Createspace offers for making your book are also decent. If you cannot hire a cover artist, the Cover Creator can help you make a reasonably attractive cover. There are options on many different aspects of book production, such as the size of the book and the colour of the pages. Also, the finished book is shipped directly by Createspace to customers on demand, which saves you time. Though Createspace does print-on-demand, the results are a surprisingly clean, sturdy and well-produced book.

The Bad

Just as with any major self-publishing company, there are some problems with this platform. Probably the biggest con to this service is the fact that you must do everything yourself. This is true with most self-publishing platforms. However, if you are a new author fresh to this platform, it can be especially confusing. Though Createspace does provide editing and marketing services, they are expensive. It can also take a while to figure out how it all works.

While it’s true that there are lots of customers on Amazon, there are millions of other self-published books sold by Createspace, and there are many more being published each day. It can be nearly impossible to get your book noticed amid other, bigger titles by established authors. For the new author, marketing a self-published book can be difficult.

Tax forms and social security numbers are also occasionally needed, which are items you may not be familiar with.

Next week we will take a look at Ingramspark. Are you ready?

The Publishing Quandary

writerAfter writing a book, developing characters and putting all of that effort into your work many people want to know how one goes about publishing a book. A well-known author once said recently that “it’s no great feat to get one’s book published—it’s no great mountain to climb.” He is right, but his opinion is subjective. To you, reading this blog, it is a huge mountain to climb to get your book published. There are many paths you can take up that mountain, but it is still a huge feat.

This week we are going to look at a planning checklist. Next week we will look at using one of the most common paperback publishing platforms, CreateSpace. You can hire a professional to do this, but more than likely you will want to do it yourself.


This might seem obvious, but a little planning can go a long way to getting best result for your book. I’m not talking about the actual writing of it – you’ve probably got that under control.

Five things to think about when you’re planning your book:

Opening and setting up an account with CreateSpace

What size do you want your book to be?

Have you purchased your own ISBN? If you haven’t, don’t worry. CreateSpace will assign an ISBN to your book.

Has your book been formatted?

Now take a few minutes to think about what you’re going to need on hand to complete the publication of your book. You will more than likely want to work all of this out before you even start.

Title of the book

Author name

Series title, if applicable.

Publication date

Description: How are you going to describe your book to prospective readers?

Author biography: What are you going to tell readers about yourself?

Category: Which category are you going to assign your book? Is it inspirational? Is it a romance? What is it?

Keywords: 5 terms that you can input that will help people find your book—for example “western.”

Price: How much is your book going to be to purchase?

All of these questions have to be answered before you publish. Try printing this article out and working through the questions one, by one. Next week we will take a look at the platform you may want to use– Createspace.