The Truth About Createspace


Last week we talked a little bit about the publishing process, and the checklist you may want to use. This week, as promised, I’ve put together a few notes about one of the most popular publishing platforms—Createspace.

A large percentage of independently publishing authors use this platform, and it is considered to be one of the easiest of the platforms to use. But what is the truth?

The Good

One major consideration about Createspace is that you will have your book for sale on Amazon, which is still one of the biggest online retailers in the world. This allows you to have your writing for sale in many different countries and in front of a wide audience. With hundreds of millions of visitors each month, there are many opportunities to attract customers.

Another major draw is the royalties. A traditional publisher often pays only cents per book. However, with CreateSpace you are paid a royalty of 40% on the main listing and a decent percentage when selling on other channels.

The services Createspace offers for making your book are also decent. If you cannot hire a cover artist, the Cover Creator can help you make a reasonably attractive cover. There are options on many different aspects of book production, such as the size of the book and the colour of the pages. Also, the finished book is shipped directly by Createspace to customers on demand, which saves you time. Though Createspace does print-on-demand, the results are a surprisingly clean, sturdy and well-produced book.

The Bad

Just as with any major self-publishing company, there are some problems with this platform. Probably the biggest con to this service is the fact that you must do everything yourself. This is true with most self-publishing platforms. However, if you are a new author fresh to this platform, it can be especially confusing. Though Createspace does provide editing and marketing services, they are expensive. It can also take a while to figure out how it all works.

While it’s true that there are lots of customers on Amazon, there are millions of other self-published books sold by Createspace, and there are many more being published each day. It can be nearly impossible to get your book noticed amid other, bigger titles by established authors. For the new author, marketing a self-published book can be difficult.

Tax forms and social security numbers are also occasionally needed, which are items you may not be familiar with.

Next week we will take a look at Ingramspark. Are you ready?

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