Spotlight Review: Street Wise By Robin Rance

A fascinating tale that will take you in its arms and drive you on a journey that will keep you up all night, and ready for more books by Robin Rance!

“Street Wise” is one of those novels that I’m still puzzling over, sometime after finishing it. The author makes some interesting choices in terms of technique. So, this review is really my reflections.

It seems convoluted to start a review with the ending of a book, but this novel is actually a rather long tale, nearly 200 pages, so before I get into the journey, allow me this one break with decorum. The ending. Oh, this ending. Whenever anyone asks me which book ending I love the most, I usually have to think before I answer, because some of the greatest books in the world I have ever read have such amazing endings—it’s hard to choose. And until now no other novel has come close to changing my answer and becoming the ultimate choice. But “Street Wise”, has won this distinction because it has such a satisfying finale, and I’ll say no more than that for fear of ruining the experience for anyone else.

A young reporter with a secret, and a deep-seated hate for men after a failed marriage, her intrepid photographer and a publisher with his own secrets. An assignment of a lifetime.

Find a homeless bum and basically make him over to look like he just walked out of the pages of GQ, is the assignment.

What starts out as just a simple make-over story ends up with many plot twists and has a serious dark side to it, as well as quite an unexpected romantic angle. I can easily say that this is 5 stars read because it is full of suspense, questions, chemistry, and heart wrenching moments. What more could I possible want? Robin Rance… you have become one of my favorite authors.

Street Wise

Robin Rance




Tragedy has left her alone in the world.

Angela Howard has one more chance to find that newspaper story that will put her on top of her game again. Orphaned and working for the Seattle Sun, she’s sworn off men for life because of her ex-fiance’s betrayal. She stumbles across a story that will change the life of the homeless man she finds living under the streets of Seattle. She agrees to help him find the criminals that put him there in exchange for his story…

Betrayed and left for dead.

John Smith was betrayed by those that he trusted. He’s lied to and deceived into giving up his fortune to save his family from heartache. He’s left living in the alleys and under the highways of Seattle, after becoming ill and penniless. His last chance for survival has brought him closer to many other street people. He’s hell-bent on finding the ones responsible for ruining his life. A beautiful newspaper reporter, Angela Howard, and her photographer, Peter, offer him a chance to share his story and find those that have betrayed him…

What they all discover while working together brings them closer to finding the truth, but will it be too late to save them all, once the truth is revealed?

Follow them all as they leave the harsh world of the homeless and plunge feetfirst into the world of high finance, crime, and human trafficking. Why don’t you pick up a copy today?



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