Spotlight Review: Vessel of Power

When a Sci-Fi author turns her hand to the paranormal… a terrific book is born! Michelle O’Leary takes a story and turns into an addiction… will she write another book like this?

It is hard to write about “Vessel of Power” by Michelle O’Leary without giving away too much. This is a book I want to rave about! I promise to keep this review short though. I don’t want to give the story away. But the author was inspired to turn out something special with this release. It shows on every page.

While I think, it is important to understand that the following opinion is purely my own… I found the author’s writing voice rather hypnotic. I found myself fighting to stop reading the book. I don’t know if other readers have become addicted to this book—but the author had me hooked from start to finish.

For even the most gifted writers, writing fiction leads to the trap of wanting to write the most mundane of daily activities. The most talented writers find themselves turning out boring chapters. There’s always a lull, right? I was expecting at least a little slowdown while reading “Vessel of Power”—but none came. The pace of the story was fast. The characters are well developed.  Prince Destin is one of the strongest characters in any novel of this genre. You are going to notice him. Believe me.

In other words, this is a book that you should read to find out what I am talking about. “Vessel” is a reminder of how one delightful book can hold your attention and keep you captive until the small hours. Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride of a book that will make you look at other bestsellers with a very critical eye—seriously—grab this book today.

Vessel of Power

Michelle O’Leary


Lia must stop the elemental prince at all costs. Prince Destin is searching for the Vessel of Power, an object containing the might of the gods. His soulless father will use it to destroy their world, starting with her family. Lia will do whatever it takes to protect the Vessel, except she can’t seem to end this magnetic prince of fire.

Destin won’t let anything stand in his way, even a gorgeous changeling with mayhem on her mind. He’s determined to prove his worth as son and heir by retrieving the Vessel for his father. Lia challenges him at every turn, but he burns whenever he’s near this tantalizing changeling.

Torn between loyalty to family and desire for one another, Destin and Lia struggle to find the right path. Can they save their world and each other? Will finding the Vessel bind them together or drive them apart forever?


One thought on “Spotlight Review: Vessel of Power

  1. Bless you, this is a fabulous review. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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