Spotlight Review: Lilly’s Angel (Fangs & Halos Book 1)

A scintillating, addictive vampire read set in New Orleans written by a writer who has skill, taste and the ability to weave golden words…

I decided to pick up “Lily’s Angel” the other day. It’s a fairly long book, but the author has a vivid writing style. After just a few chapters, I expected this to be the start of something pretty good.

Charlayne Elizabeth Denney does a good job describing scenes. She does a fine job of creating a storyline and keeping it consistent… but she excels with her characters. Lilly Marchantel may be one of the finest characters ever created by a novelist in this genre. Not only is she developed—her dialogue is beautifully executed and will certainly grab your attention. If you pick up this book—pick it up expecting to be wowed by Lily. Sullivan is another character who has depth and will become a reader favorite.

The author manages to both tell the story while at the same time giving a good understand of the vampire society. Lily is constantly learning about her brand-new environment and the author does a good job of letting the audience in on this. She’s a great cultural interpreter for the reader.

“Lily’s Angel” also has some of the most tastefully approached sex scenes in the genre. Chapter two is sexually explosive. This is a book you will enjoy on this level, too.

Overall I would recommend “Lily’s Angel” as a book that you are likely to enjoy. If you want something to read with edge, poise and a lot of great writing—this is the one for you.

Lily’s Angel

Charlayne Elizabeth Denney


Lilly Marchantel entertains her client—a vampire—for a night of paid passion and dies. Or does she? Her madam, the famous Lulu White of Mahogany Hall, throws a lavish funeral for the girl and buries her in St. Louis 1 Cemetery.

During the chaos in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Enforcer angel Sullivan is sent to the cemetery to verify reports of two rogue vampires. How much trouble can an angel get into in New Orleans? What could happen if Sullivan loses his powers?

“Lilly’s Angel” tells the story of Lilly’s discovery of a whole new world with her friends Baron the Cat and the skull she talks to as the pissed off and horny Sullivan struggles against the changes he is experiencing.


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