Spotlight Review: Learning Me (Lightworker Series Book 1)

An unusual story from a talented writer who shows great talent for building a story that will hold your interest from beginning to end….

Something a little different for you this week. This is “Learning Me (Lightworker Series Book 1)” from Jamie White. I have to say that this one was a joy to read. Have you ever had a dream? Courtney dreams of becoming an actress, and when that opportunity arises, she finds herself fighting against her parents who forbid her to take the chance of becoming the star of an Indie movie.

But why do her parents object to her becoming an actress? That’s when the book starts to become extremely addictive. As Courtney tries to work her way through their objections, she starts to discover the truth.

Weaved with an extremely talented pen—this is a book that will hold your interest and will have you asking for the sequel. Courtney is an extremely well developed character. Sam is well done, too. These characters are so well created the reader finds himself, or herself, rooting for them every step of the way.

The anticipation in this book is so strong you cannot stop turning pages for a second. Even if this is not your usual genre—even if you are not particularly drawn to the description—you should get a copy of this book and become immersed in one of the best books I’ve read this year. It’s well worth your time, and once you’re done, you need to start a petition to get more books from this author. Seriously. She’s that good!

Learning Me (Lightworker Series Book 1)

Jamie White



Courtney dreams of being a professional actress one day, but her parents have always been against it. Their disapproval and disinterest in what she loves most has always been a source of resentment, but she refuses to give up on her dream despite their feelings about it.

When she’s given the chance to audition for an indie film, Courtney’s thrilled but wary of her parents’ reaction to her news. They, predictably, forbid her to do it, and force her to choose between following her dream and keeping the peace at home.
Her decision stirs long-repressed memories of her childhood that lead her on a search to get to the heart of their objections to her acting dream. No longer satisfied with the explanations they’d given long ago, Courtney begins a search for answers.

Courtney’s search for the truth leads her in a direction she’d never imagined. One that will make her question everything, and everyone, she knew. Even herself.

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