A Few Reasons For Readers Not To Review Your Book…

writerAs a writer, you spend a lot of time chasing people for reviews. Many of us have tired of asking friends, family and neighbors to write reviews for us. We’ve also had the people who have promised, and failed, to deliver reviews for our books. This blog article is all about reviews. What stops people from leaving reviews on our books?

They didn’t connect with the book…

Even if you told the reader that you want an “honest” review, anybody who knows you personally will feel awkward and uncomfortable leaving you anything but a positive review, so you’re basically asking them to lie They’ll choose pleasing you over writing a fair book review.

They just didn’t read the book…

Was your book poorly formatted? Did your cover look unprofessional? Maybe the story didn’t hook your reader straight away? Maybe they would rather say nothing about the book.  But you’re bugging a reader to review a book they don’t want to read. It becomes a chore and a favor and not an easy one. If someone is doing you a big favor, find a way to help them out as well – though really, you shouldn’t ask for favors. Just move on and find someone who would enjoy your book.


Maybe the stress and pressure makes them avoid reading or taking action. Maybe they’ve never written a book review before and don’t know how to start. Maybe you need to make a simple template for them to copy, or let them know that a brief review of just a few words is good enough.

The book didn’t move the mountain…

It’s easy to review books that you loved or hated. You don’t need to look for things to say, you know why you liked, or didn’t, like it. It’s much harder to review books that have caused no reaction at all.

Maybe it’s not bad, maybe it’s even decent. A “good effort.” But they still had to force themselves to get through, and now that it’s finished they can’t really remember what it’s about. The plot wasn’t strong enough or well organized. The characters weren’t deep enough or didn’t resonate. The conflict didn’t intrigue them. They just didn’t connect and can’t think of what to say about your book. It’s as simple as that.

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