Working With What You Have To Gain Reviews

reviewsReviews are critical to boost your marketing performance in many ways. This includes your SEO performance and your reader experience. By approaching readers at the right time, via email, social media, or even inside your book, all your efforts may pay off. Have you tried these top tips for review success?

Offer compelling incentives for your readers

Readers are constantly bombarded with requests from authors they are associated with. Before asking your readers, make sure you offer something that has a high perceived value. Do not hesitate to offer an incentive to those who leave comments and reviews on your books. Feedback is valuable!

Ask your readers on social media

Social media forever changed the relationship between author and reader, and users are now very vocal when it comes to sharing their experiences with products; both positive and negative. With Amazon, it is now easier than ever for a reader to express an opinion. Positive, or negative, invite your readers to share their experience of your book.

Follow up with personalized emails

At the right moment, it is vital to seek advice from readers on your books. Once a reader makes a purchase, receives the book and reads it, their level of interest is at its highest. Therefore, it would be a good time to contact them then via email and ask how their experience was. With the book, still fresh in their mind, it is very likely they will provide an assessment of your product right away.

Don’t forget the product itself!

When you are getting ready to upload your book to Amazon… don’t forget to put a note inside your book asking for people to share their thoughts about your book. This can be as simple as a note in the copyright, or even a mention of reviews in the foreword.  Don’t forget to always offer attractive incentives, the investment will be worth it!

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