Getting Started With Reviews


With more, and more books being released every day on Amazon it’s important to try and find every angle that will help with your book promotion. There have never been more opportunities than there are today. The question is… how are you going to take advantage of the opportunities that surround you to gain more reviews for your book?

Book reviews help spread the message about your book. When people review your book, and enjoy it, their review can encourage others to buy your book. A poor review can also help readers make up their mind about your book. There is literally no bad review. All publicity is good publicity.

The first step towards gaining more reviews should be organization. Just as you organize your thoughts before you start writing a book—you should organize your review process. I would suggest starting by putting together a reviewer kit.

What’s that?

A ‘reviewer kit’ is exactly that. It’s material for would-be reviews that you can send to them via email to help them review your book:

A PDF of your book.

Press release about the launch of your book. Try to make it sound like a story you would read in the newspaper.

Cover letter. This should be a brief introduction to you and your book, but keep it short.

Photos of the book and author. You’ll need high- and low-resolution images if you’re approaching both print and online reviewers.

Author bio. This is a good place to show your qualifications, particularly if you’re a nonfiction author.

Once you have these items collected together you can begin your hunt for reviewers. We’ll talk about that next week.


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