Spotlight Review: The Dragon Children: Prophecy

“The Dragon Children: The Prophecy” from Hannah Byrnes keeps the reader hooked, and puts many other books in this genre to shame…. Seriously… This is good stuff!

Okay, I admit it, first off; I do love reading this genre. When I saw “The Dragon Children” I knew I wanted to give it a chance. I read about one book a week… so I can judge whether or not a book is an easy read. What made this book an easy read for me was that the story is so well developed. It really is a joy to read something that drives itself along. You don’t have to force yourself to keep reading.

However… what led me to really become a huge fan of “The Dragon Children” was something many authors overlook. It was the characters. This is a book with extremely well-developed characters and that makes this book a delightful read… a fantastic read.

Kai was my favorite character. You will love him too.

So… what do we have here? We have a book with a great concept, the story unfolds well, her dialogue is great. She pulls it off.

Need I say more?

Okay… I made it clear that I really like this book? You’re not convinced? Magic? Dragons? Prophecies?

You must be hooked by now…

My suggestion is if you want to read this book, and you certainly should, prepare yourself for a journey that will become rather addictive. You will become involved with the characters, and the story. You won’t find your mind wandering away from the story. This is the kind-of book that lingers with you long after you’ve finished reading it.

No…. I won’t tell you about the story. I’m not going to give you any spoilers this week. Okay… okay… I’ll put more information about the story below….

The Dragon Children:

The Prophecy

Hannah Byrnes




Decades ago, a war raged in Dragonsreach. The Iron King’s giant machines destroyed a whole flight of dragons. Now only two dragons and their nest of eggs remain.

Kai is the shy, studious son of a TV Astrologer. Pony-loving Bridget hates maths and wants to be a Knight. They are the Dragon Children, destined to restore man’s faith in magic. Their arrival means that an age-old prophecy may be fulfilled, and dragons will rule the skies again.

After a legion of iron birds attack, the dragon eggs are lost and Bridget and Kai are separated. Each sets out on an perilous quest leading to dragon hordes, mysterious wizards, invisible temples and ancient magic before facing a deadly foe who is not what it seems.


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