Have You Tried These Book Review Sites?

writerAs authors, we are all looking for places to get our books reviewed. I thought it might be a good idea to put together some of the more promising places to get your book reviewed. If you are looking to get your book reviewed—why don’t you try some of these?

Kirkus Reviews

This site is the perfect place to find hidden gems, up-and-coming authors and debut novels that are worth their weight in gold. Get involved with the reviews and enjoy the book club feel of Kirkus today.

Book Reviews For Mums

This blog not only provides a darn delightful read, but also acts as a support network for those mums and dads who are taking their first tentative steps in the world of parenting. Mums and dads share their informed thoughts on children’s books, parenting books and books that stress the importance of well-being for the whole family.

Love Reading

An absolute must-read for all lovers of books, this website has a seemingly endless collection of fascinating book reviews covering works that are suitable for children and adults of all ages. A book review site such as this one could well become a staple read for lovers of good books, if it hasn’t already.

Katy Moran’s Book Review Blog

For bookworms and budding authors alike, Katy Moran provides an enjoyable read in terms of her take on a wide range of books, as well as tips and hints on getting a novel published and the process of creating a novel, ‘from paper to printed book’.

What are your favorite book review sites? Leave your suggestions below!


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