Finding The Right Beta-Reader For Your Book

This week I thought we would look at how to find beta-readers. The easiest way to simply go where writers go… Facebook author groups, Twitter, blogs, forums and start making connections. When you find someone who you feel will be a good fit, offer to trade critiques. Eventually, the right person or people will come into contact with you. When judging whether to use a beta reader I thought you might like to use the checklist below:


The Beta-Reader Checklist


Enjoys your genre.

Understands your intentions for your stories.

Likes your stories, in general.

Isn’t afraid to tell you what isn’t working.

Is already an experienced reader and/or writer.

Reliable and trustworthy.


You’ll need to do some research to discover which reader is the right fit for you. Keep in mind that finding a good beta reader is often as much about being a good beta reader yourself as it is anything else. Be prepared to give generously, use wisdom in selecting appropriate groups and partners, and take advantage of this resource to help you polish your writing to the next level.

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