Making The Most Of Free Giveaways

One of the most common questions by authors is… “how do I set up a free giveaway?” I thought that would make a good topic for this week’s blog article. Free giveaways can be one of the most effective selling tools in your book promotion arsenal. But what does a free giveaway do? Well for a selected time you can make your Kindle book free on Amazon. This removes any barrier between your book and your potential readers. Some authors use these giveaways regularly to boost their sales. So… how do we set one up?

Okay before we start… your Kindle book must be enrolled in the Kindle KDP program. You can check this by looking to the right of your book on the Kindle dashboard. Click on the “Promote and Advertise” button. If you are not enrolled it will ask you if you want to enrol your book in the program. If you are enrolled you will be able to set up a free giveaway.

Now there are some rules to the program. Once you enrol your book in the program it needs to stay in the program for 90 days at least. During that period, you cannot sell it in any other site on the internet. However, while your book is enrolled it will collect “pages read.” These are pages read by those who have downloaded the book through the Kindle Unlimited Program.


How To Make Your Book Free For A Limited Time on KDP


  1. In your Bookshelf, click on the promote and advertise button next to any book enrolled in KDP Select.
  2. Scroll down to “Run a Price Promotion.”
  3. Under “Run a Price Promotion,” select “Free Book Promotion.” (“Kindle Countdown Deal” will be selected by default.)
  4. Click “Create a new Free Book Promotion Deal for this book.”
  5. Enter the desired start and end date and click “Save.” Avoid ending on the final day of your KDP Select term.


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