Three Ways To Promote Your Free Giveaway…

So… you’ve set up your free giveaway and now you want to know how to promote it. That’s a tough question—but let’s start with the basics. These three ways to promote your free book giveaway should form the bedrock of any promotion you run. Let’s take a look at them…


Using Your Email Contacts

Email remains a medium where you are able to contact your users in a one-on-one format, unlike social media or paid ads where you are one of ten messages that the user is viewing at once. If you do not currently, start collecting email addresses from your website visitors.

If you don’t think you have the budget or time for designing and setting up an email program look into free, automated options like a simple Feedburner email or sign up for MailChimp and use RSS templates to automate the process for you.

Rather than just using giveaways as a user acquisition tool, inclusion of giveaways and special promotions in your emails is a great way to keep your open rates up and let your subscribers know that they are appreciated.

The Beauty of Facebook

Try not to just toss a link to your giveaway into a post and call it a day. Like any marketing message you need to have the basic information plus a call to action. Tell your users what you’re posting about (it’s a giveaway), when they can act, who’s involved and why they should care.

The Art of Twitter

When it comes to utilizing your Twitter account to get the word out about a giveaway there are a few best practices that can drastically increase effectiveness. Sending a single Tweet out is not going to maximize the exposure of your promotion.

Tweet often and try to use unique messaging for each Tweet. Don’t just send the same Tweet over and over.

Add photos and images to your Tweets to let them jump out in your followers’ Twitter feeds.

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