Is Your Book Ready To Be Given Away For Free…

Okay… we’ve looked at getting the book out in front of people by using free giveaways. But have you considered one of the steps before the giveaways? Is your book ready to be put in front of a mass market audience? Is it ready for a free audience to consume? Before you set up your free giveaway give some thought to the two points below.


Are People Too Tight?

So, you gave away your first book for free, and now you expect me to spend $1.99 on the next one? Unfortunately, people who get things for free keep expecting the same level of quality for free. While it’s true that some (if you’re lucky or talented, then many) of those free readers will convert into paying customers, it can be hard to get people to pay once if you’ve introduced them to a quality product for free.

Don’t expect all of those free downloads to turn into sales. For example, you might have given away 10,000 books, but you might only sell 50 when you expect people to pay.

Is The Book Good Enough?

Honesty time: is your book good enough to sell? Does it have the quality the make it a winning product? Yes, people will download anything for free, but a defective product can have devastating consequences. If you introduce them to your writing style and it’s terrible, then people are going to remember that. Those few people who would have been willing to spend money on you will spend them on more qualified authors.

If your book isn’t very good, then all those downloads can damage your reputation. However, you can avoid this by ensuring that the book is good enough to sell. That means being professionally edited and offering a good story or premise to the reader.

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