The Kindle Unlimited Dilemna

Recently, Amazon joined the e-book subscription playing field alongside other companies to offer subscribers unlimited access to thousands of e-books and audiobooks for the monthly price of $9.99. This service is called Kindle Unlimited.

When a company as big as Amazon enters a market, it signals a change for the entire industry. Many authors are wondering whether Kindle Unlimited is a good idea for them…. Let’s take a look at the negative side of Kindle Unlimited this week.

Being Exclusive:

Independent authors who want their books available through Kindle Unlimited must be members of KDP Select, which requires exclusivity to Amazon. Oyster and Scribd have no such exclusivity requirement, but self-published books must be distributed through Smashwords to make it onto Oyster’s shelves, whereas authors have the option to go through Smashwords, INscribe Digital, BookBaby, or Draft2Digital to be included in Scribd’s library.

The Payoff:

It’s unclear how much self-published authors make by selling through Kindle Unlimited. The program provides royalties to indie authors via the KDP Select Global Fund when at least 10 percent of their book is read. Amazon admits that, “The fund amount is variable and announced on a monthly basis.”

Out of Touch:

Once an author is enrolled in the program, the rules are subject to change at any time. Authors can choose not to re-enroll in KDP Select after 90 days, but these short-term promises can have long-term consequences for traction in other ebookstores. Think carefully about this before subscribing.

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