Have You Tried These Audiobook Promotion Ideas?

Okay… your audiobook is finished. You have a completed audiobook on Amazon waiting for people to buy. A few days go by… nobody has purchased your audiobook… why? Maybe you should try a few promotional ideas to make people aware of your book. Let’s take a look at a few…

Have you tried listing your audiobook on:


Your Website





Make use of the free download codes ACX provides:


Host a giveaway

Share a code with your #1 fan on social media.

Share codes with audiobook reviewers.


Try Some of the Facebook Groups:


FREE Audiobook Giveaways!

Everything Audiobooks E.A.R.S Audiobook Promos – For Authors & Readers of All Genres Facebook Group


Some other ideas…


Tap into social media.

Use your blog to share your audiobook journey.

Host your narrator on your blog for an interview.

If your narrator has a blog, ask if they will interview you.

Do a video interview or author video.

Guest on podcasts related to writing, your genre, or area of interest.

Inform your mailing list about your audiobook release and consider giving away a copy to your subscribers only.

Have a blog tour. Ask your blog tour coordinator to offer your audiobook version for review during your tour.

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