A Closer Look At Babelcube

Last week we discussed Babelcube, the book translation service, that a lot of authors are using to have their books translated from English into other languages for publication. The company provides a way for authors to tap into other language markets without any upfront cost. There is certainly a need for a service like this for authors—but what are the pros and cons of this service?

The Pros:

Distribution as both an eBook and as a paperback.

Babelcube auto-distribute your book to many online retailers.

The customer service is very good, and quick to resolve issues.

Narrators work for a royalty share.

The Cons:

The reliability of some of the translators is questionable. There have been several instances of a translator agreeing to a project—only to disappear into thin air.

They do not have distribution to an audiobook service like ACX.

Royalty payments are confusing and often paid at random.

You are responsible for creating a new cover with a foreign language title.

Next week we will take a look at the finished product and see how a completed translation looks.

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