Home For The Holidays: Holiday Marketing Tips #2

With the holidays just around the corner I thought we might look at some ideas that may help authors get more reviews. With everyone in good cheer—the holidays may be the perfect time to approach those all-important reviewers!

Provide Reader Copies To Relevant Book Bloggers. 

Start getting reviews before the book launches. You can use online tools to find early reviewers, or reach out to relevant bloggers with a pitch on the book. While they can’t review books on retailer sites until release day, they can post the reviews to their websites, blogs, or Goodreads.

Offer Free Copies To Top Amazon Reviewers. 

Reach out to Amazon users with a “Top Reviewer” badge who’ve reviewed books similar to yours. They’ve proven themselves to be experienced reviewers — they know what makes a good review, they’re willing to take the time to write a truly helpful review, and they will likely have a quick turnaround on reading and reviewing.

Put Together A Special Holiday Giveaway

Book giveaways can take various forms, including blog tours or contests on your blog or Facebook page. Providing free copies to your most loyal fans in exchange for an honest review can help a new book get traction, plus it rewards them for their loyalty.

Mention Writing A Review In The Back Of The Book

A high number of reviews makes a book more enticing to potential readers. We found that when a book has at least 150 five-star reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, including the number of five-star reviews in the copy increased clicks.

Submit A Book For Relevant Editorial Reviews. 

Many genres have publications where authors can submit their books for editorial reviews. Some of these publications require submitting your book months before publication, so plan to do this early!

Home For The Holidays: Holiday Marketing Tips #1

With the holidays approaching there’s plenty of marketing to be done. I thought I’d throw together several ideas and share them with you. Try them out… you may find that these tips help increase your sales over the season!

Take advantage of holidays, special occasions, annual events, and seasonal stories. 

A good strategy for promotion is to look for special days or occasions you can connect your book to. The most obvious one for writers is the Christmas season. Hitch your book to one of them and use it to gain sales.

Think beyond book reviews. 

Don’t get me wrong. Book reviews are definitely important. But don’t stop there. Your novel deserves more widespread, long-term, and ongoing exposure than it can get through reviews alone.

More on the Media…

Most radio stations are looking for interesting interviews and the author of a newly published book has a good chance of getting on air. You need a publicity letter which says something interesting or controversial about the book and off you go. If you have the budget you can use a professional PR company to target radio and TV programs.

Free and Easy…

Offer sample chapters as free downloads. Take a couple of your best chapters and turn them into pdf files. Let people download them for free. Think of this as the equivalent of letting people browse through your book at a bookstore.

The Beauty of Email Marketing

Very few authors are using email marketing today to build their fan base. Progress that it’s easy to make headway with this valuable marketing tool.  Fact is, email marketing is many times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined. How can you turn your back on that?

Promoting Your Kirkus Review

You’ve just picked up your rave review from Kirkus. You now have a credible review to share with the world… but… what do you do next? How do you effectively promote your review? Just having the review isn’t going to increase sales… but promoting it may… Let’s look at some ways to make use of a Kirkus review.


Email it to Your Followers:

If you’ve got an email list of readers, and you’re promoting sale on a republished or new work, use your review as a way to entice these people to buy your book.

On Your Book Listing:

When book buyers look at your reviews, they’re already intrigued by your premise, title, writing style or book cover. Now they’re simply looking something to tell them to click buy. Placing your review on your Amazon book listing may be that final reason to click buy.

On The Back of your Book:

Consider using at least one review blurb on your book cover, as well as several on the back cover of your book. This extra motivation may be the key to convincing your readers to press the buy button.

Social Media: 

A tweet with a blurb review, like, “One of the great stories of this year” – attributed to a credible source like Kirkus is infinitely more sellable than virtually any other. Remember to place a link to the page where your book is actually sold, not your website.

Add it to Your Website:

Readers often visit author websites to find out more about them prior to making a purchase. This is especially true for writers authoring a series, since taking on a series is potentially a major time investment. Credible book reviews on those sites can go a long way toward convincing readers to spend more time with your characters. So, put blurbs front and center, where they can’t be missed. If you’re confident in the entire review, you can add a link to a page where the entire review is posted.

Use As Needed:

It’s common to find yourself right up against a publication deadline, with little time to wait for book reviews as you race to get the book out to your readers. In this case, it’s okay to use previous reviews so long as you do it ethically and accurately. If you have prior praise for your craft in general, you can curate this list under the title “Praise For….” Just make sure you don’t misrepresent the facts, or make it seem as if reviewers of past stories are validating this particular story.