New Story & Beta Reader Feedback

I’ve had a few beta readers look over one of the newer stories that I’ve been working on and received fantastic feedback. I was actually surprised by how quickly they were taken with the story, which was followed by immediate orders to continue writing.

While working on the next chapter of this story, a song by Kacey Musgraves came on and it was perfect timing indeed. The tone of the song only seemed to assist in pushing me further even if the meaning isn’t exactly the same within the story. Her voice is absolutely beautiful and soothes the soul. And I wanted to share it with all of you.

Keep It To Yourself By Kacey Musgraves

Backstory Vs Creativity

My Night Breeze is a YA paranormal romance series. When I first started writing this storyline out it was a stand alone novel. I knew the back story and how far I was willing to push to have this be a unique POV. However after taking a week’s vacation with a notebook, my story has not only changed but elongated. The story line is much more exciting and unexpectedly creative however it has messed up the entire back story that was set in place.

So the question is do I stick to the background enhanced story or allow the creative juices, that filled over four pages of notebook paper, take the lead and see where things go? I might end up having to write two versions and see which is better but it’s going to take much longer. I’m almost finished with Chapter two so it’s still in the early stages but it’ll be easier to add in the missing back story pieces in the second version.

The Fun of Creativity

I’m in the process of writing Charmed (Destiny Series Book #1). While this is going to be a new adventure with a different type of romance than I normally go with there is something different. Something challenging about this story that I haven’t exactly figured out just yet.

I have a tendency of using photos of people to help get my details correct in writing. Actually it’s kind of creepy when I think about it, like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. I take bits and pieces from each person that I like and mold them all into one. I promise no cheap shots (It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.)

However in this story, I have chosen a specific person who I believe to be beautiful to play Megan. She is uniquely gorgeous without the use of makeup or very little at the most. She has a presence of knowing herself, understanding and expressing what she is feeling without the use of words. And I have never seen a photo of this person in color. I’m sure there may be one floating about but I don’t need or want it. She is unforgettable and attractive, pure.

I believe this may be the difference. It isn’t just that this person is attractive but she is so extremely different than anything that I’ve ever seen, it has caused my brain to work in overdrive. To make her what I need her to be. To get her across clearly without vanity or idol-ism. A challenge. Another reason to love writing…

A Winter Wonderland…Again

The winter season is apparently never going to end. The snow keeps coming in heaps and barrels full. And as an animal lover it pains me to admit that I seriously want to kick the groundhog in the butt. Obviously spring isn’t coming early this year, you deceitful creature.

Blowing the Whistle Update: Lots of writing completed until I lost power around 2am. I hadn’t realized how much I  enjoyed college until writing this piece. The study group sessions, classes, and activities on campus. 6 pages down on the outline, at least another 7 to go.

Destiny Series Update: Plot twists are having their way with Megan which is always entertaining to see. However I think things are a bit too serious…not that they shouldn’t be but I’m trying to figure out a subtle reprieve of all the doom and gloom. Book 4 seems to be powered up by emotions which are great to help keep the characters real, etc. I think another cup of tea is order to fiddle around with things. 🙂 4 pages down on this outline, at least another 15 to go.

Too Much Action

Is there ever too much action going on in one novel? I have plotted and outlined the third book and then realized I have added 4 action packed scenes in which the first two novels have 1 maybe 1 1/2 but that’s about it. They are reasonable action scenes which causes the right effect for the next novel however I wonder if it comes across as too pushy. If you have a frayed rope…it will eventually snap with the pressure of a situation which is exactly what happens. And the paranormal aspect goes hay wire in the best possible way…or worst depending on the point of view. Loyalties are tested and decisions where both end in misery seems to be a growing issue. Which way will be up when the smoke clears? And who will be left standing on the right side of reality?

Attack of Writers Block

It has happened. I’ve been attacked and taken down by none other than Writers Block. Taking a step back from the Destiny Series to work on the Hope Trilogy. And when I have nothing else to give, I will be reading an amazing book called Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero By Charles E. Yallowitz. If you are looking for a fabulous read this is for you. It is now available on Amazon.