5 Perfect Men From 5 Perfect Books



Augustus Waters


Fearless, beautiful, loving and perfect in every way. Will there ever be an Augustus Waters in real life? Every girl wishes to meet someone like Augustus. Now, just deny that you wouldn’t be tempted by him? Come on… deny it!


Tyrion Lannister


Not your average book hottie but certainly a smart, witty, stylish, loyal, brave guy who just happens to be a talented lover. Who could ask for more from a book boyfriend? Okay, he’s small, but that’s the only fault you can find…


Rhett Butler


Straight-talking, smooth, arrogant scoundrel Rhett Butler makes it onto this list because he was such a scoundrel. No woman would be able to deny him in real life. It’s probably a good thing that he is fictional—he would break too many hearts.


Edward Cullen


Ever meet a man more handsome of Edward Cullen? Handsome, passionate, watches you while you sleep… Who wouldn’t want Edward Cullen as a boyfriend?




It took a long time—like ten years—but Odysseus made it back to his wife. Isn’t that like the most amazing kind of devotion and love? Where do you see that in real life today? That makes Odysseus a perfect book boyfriend.