Closed Up – Poem

I can feel the distance between us,

No matter how fast I run towards you,

Your eyes seem to dim with every step,

I don’t know how we got here,

I don’t remember the path we took,

Did I let you down?

Was it the things I didn’t do?

The distance expands further,

My arms have little effect on holding you,

You see right through me,

Our connection blocked with words unsaid,

I didn’t mean to hurt you,

I never wanted you to walk away,

Did I ruin us?

Was it the things I didn’t do?

With no evidence your new defense is useless
You can find your way around it, the obvious truth
Back when inebriant and ignorant and cruel
I was spinning all around just waiting here for you

To find your way in
Hoping you find your way in

‘Cause I’m wide awake
You are now the only thing that’s keeping me
Wide awake
Yeah I’m wide awake
Fear is now the only thing that’s keeping me
Wide awake

Wide Awake by 32 Leaves

Breeze Series & Destiny Series

With no evidenc…

Through no light the darkness seems to be
So very strong
How does one alone against the world
Find the strength to carry on?
What happened to the way we used to love
It seemed as though life had just begun
But now that love has come and gone to fade away
Like the setting sun
Cuz’ you won’t let me in.

All that I wanted from you
Was something you’d never do
So let me in
Oh please tonight
Don’t let this end
Cuz’ I’m starting to fall
So let me in

Let Me In By Save Ferris

Breeze Series, Destiny Series & Blowing the Whistle

Through no ligh…

Sleepaway Camp Review: Scarred isn’t a strong enough word for what I felt after watching this movie. Without spoiling the ending, I’m just going to state that I was totally on board with the movie until the end. Yes, it was shocking but I felt bad for the bad person. The director did a job well done on this movie except for the fact that I felt more sympathy at the end than fear. I’m sure that isn’t what other’s felt but I blame the parent in charge of the whole mess. If you’ve never seen the movie, it is on youtube. All I can say is that I’m never looking at a curling iron the same way again.

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers Review: I was informed that this movie was much better than the original which was a bunch of lies. The first was executed in much better taste without being annoying. I don’t have anything positive to say about the sequel so I won’t say anything else about it.

Just got back from my best friend’s house. The first contact with civilization since my beloved flew away. Spent the majority of the time laughing and listening to music. And with the assistance of her boyfriend, I have finally figured out the name of my town for the Destiny Series. I like it but I’m going to run it by a few friends before setting it in stone.

Also the creative bug bit my hand today and a new story came rushing out of the wound. It came in the form of random scenes and mental images with a dominating personality. Eventually it will become a whole story but until then it will be a side project.

Sleepaway Camp Review