Thanksgiving Weekend Giveaway

Join me this coming Thanksgiving Weekend! I’m giving away prizes, answering your questions and advising more details on the upcoming Winds of Change. Hope to see you there with bells and whistles on. 🙂

Thanksgiving Weekend Giveaway

Multi-Author Mid-Summer Ever on FB

I hope everyone is having a stupendous Saturday! Lots of great things coming your way over the next couple of days. Today at 2:30 CST I’m going to be participating in the Multi-Author Mid-Summer Event meeting and greeting new people and giving away some cool prizes. Feel free to swing by for some fun and a chance to win.

Young Adult Romance Vs Adult Romance

I have written both Adult Romance and Young Adult Romance but the writing experience for both are very different. I’ve written three Adult Romance novels, Glimmer of Hope, Blowing The Whistle and Hope Has A Glare. They were fun to write but there seemed to be pressure all through out that the content needed to be deeper, darker, sexier, etc. Those extra details helped form the stories into what I needed them to become but the pressure made the writing process that much harder. 

I just finished writing Hope Has A Glare, the sequel to Glimmer of Hope which I enjoyed for many different reasons but while the foundation was already set, the pressure was intense while writing. It felt as though I wasn’t doing enough, going deep enough into the characters situations or exploring enough in other aspects. And while the pressure helped to reach deeper, make better connections and an extraordinary story it left an unsettling feeling in its wake. I can’t really explain it better than that.

While writing the Young Adult Romance My Night Breeze, it became apparent that this was going to be special. I didn’t know why or exactly what the difference was but I could just feel it. The story was already outlined so it wasn’t that; there was a sense about what needed to happen and how to execute it. I think the word that fits perfectly is innocence. Writing about the time period while were still pure and innocent has it’s own vibe that connects the reader to that time in their lives. 

With My Night Breeze completed, I’ve begun writing the sequel which after writing the Adult Romance was a little bit awkward trying to get back into the groove of another sub-genre however that feeling of specialness came back. I began writing the first chapter and it felt like pixie dust was falling down all around me because my fingers took off without a second thought. I’ve already completed two chapters in one week and at this rate, I could have the entire story finished by week nine.

I wouldn’t say that I prefer to write Young Adult because I have many Adult novels on the way but I’m still astounded by how easy some stories come while others don’t. It just makes it that much more exciting and leaves the door open for growth while pushing through the pressures to create a story that readers can connect to. I’ve never loved writing more than in this moment and I’m sure tomorrow I’ll love it even more.

Valentine’s Day Deal- Two Books For Two Bucks!

It is the official holiday for my genre and I feel it necessary to share the love I have with others. Who doesn’t enjoy a fabulous deal? I think the title speaks for itself. Two Books For Two Bucks! Glimmer of Hope & Blowing The Whistle both for $0.99!

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Glimmer of Hope E-Zine Feature

I was able to get Glimmer of Hope featured in a fantastic e-zine by Nick Wale. The magazine assists readers in not only connecting with the author but showcasing new books that they may be interested in. I can already see myself buying a few books especially with the Holiday deals going on right now.

The amazing #1 e-zine about the book world will help you decide what your next book purchase will be. “Novel Reads By Novel Ideas” is a monthly publication packed to the brim with some of the brightest bestsellers currently shining in the independent literary world.
This month we will be presenting upcoming and exciting Indie author Bruce Bennett, the sexy hitmaker MJ Summers; Science Fiction dude, Tim Northway, Poets Andrew Boyd and Jason Brierly, brand new romance author M.L. Newman, and many, many more. Don’t miss this issue packed with Christmas gift ideas for everyone!

This E-magazine showcases the best of the independent writing world and is a continuing monthly publication. Get your copy today!


Glimmer of Hope Available November 30, 2013

I have been so busy editing, working with my graphic designer and working my full time job that writing a blog post was impossible. I can proudly say that that should be changing as I’ll have more time for writing soon. I am finally in the process of putting my novel Glimmer of Hope, the first in the trilogy, up for purchasing as of November 30, 2013.

I was extremely naive thinking that most of the work was writing the novel. Even though at the time I knew it was a great deal of work, I truly had no clue. There is honestly no experience like the process of getting published that leaves you feeling full of excitement, a little anxiety, pride and hope. My official website has finally gone live, which is extremely exciting since I’ve been working on getting it together since September.

The only thing left to do now is a ton more marketing but the technical stuff is a sealed deal. I couldn’t be more ecstatic at this point in time. So for my fellow friends, writers, authors and bloggers here is my cover reveal 🙂

Glimmer of Hope Official Cover

Glimmer of Hope Official Cover

Description: Becki Austin lives a stable, quiet life in New Rochelle, NY with her boyfriend Gary while pursuing her dream career at an animal shelter. While attending a banquet dinner for Gary’s employer, she meets the famous and handsome author Eric Whitman. After a successful night and a lot of hard work, Gary gets promoted to her delight, only for his new job to be located in Arizona. Her life now in a tailspin, will Becki drop everything to move across country leaving her career behind? Also, a coincidental meeting with Eric reveals his haunting past. Can Becki achieve her goals with Eric’s help, or will she be an unfortunate casualty should his past revisit him in the present?

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday! 🙂