Lake Mungo Review (No Spoilers)

Lake Mungo Back Blurb – Alice drowns while swimming and her family begins experiencing inexplicable events in their home. The family hires a parapsychologist whose investigation unveils Alice’s secret double life and leads them all to Lake Mungo. Initial release: June 18, 2008 Director: Joel Anderson Screenplay: Joel Anderson Language: English Language

This Australian movie was set up very well with a believable cast. The story starts off with the retelling of what happened the day Alice drowns. There are some shakey camera scenes and found footage in Lake Mungo that viewers should be aware of if that causes them motion sickness. One big take away for me personally is the amount of sadness throughout the entire story. From the initial loss of their daughter to the many twists and turns that have the family confused on who to trust and where to turn next.

The amount of grief from the beginning to the end fluctuates, but it never disappears. As the viewer focuses on Alice’s life, we are left with our own opinions on what happened as the secrets start to unravel until the very end. And only at the end does it all make sense. All the pieces of the puzzle are put together in a way that forces you to really see what you’ve been staring at all along.

I can say that I enjoyed the movie for what it was. There were so many details that were used to throw off the viewer. I found that what I was waiting for (jump scares, etc) were non-existent. “Alice kept secrets. She kept the fact that she kept secrets a secret,” her friend quotes in the film. There is no better explanation than that for what goes on between Alice and everyone else. I will admit that the story came full circle. However, I was looking for more of a Paranormal Activity type film and this was not that. I found that I wasn’t scared and was left in a somber mood after. So be prepared if you decide to watch this movie.

I will be reviewing another movie next week. If you have any movie recommendations or requests, please let me know.

Scary Movie Review List

Happy Halloween Season, Friends! I told you guys that I would be binge watching movies and below I have put together a list of movies that are a Must-See during this time of year. Let me know if you’ve seen these movies and what you think of them. Did they have you screaming into the night? Were you too creeped out to turn off the lights?

Movie List as follows (in no particular order): Lake Mungo, Better Watch Out, It Chapter 2, Sinister, Eyes Without A Face, Hellfest, An American Werewolf in London, Midnight Man, Pumpkin Head, Alone in the Dark, Splinter, Ginger Snaps, May, The Fury, Grace, When A Stranger Calls, Joshua, Slender Man, Annabell Comes Home, Creep, The Invitation, I Still See You, The Gate, Martyrs, Chopping Mall and Truth or Dare.

There may be more movies to join the list and no promises to hit them all, but I’m going to try to do my best to hit as many as possible. Again, I’m up for suggestions as well so feel free to let me know if you think I’m missing a Must-See film.

Halloween Season!

Hey Everyone! I know I’ve been away for a long while (so sorry!), but I’m back and ready to enjoy the Halloween Season. It just so happens to be one of my favorite times of year. Scary Movies – Check, Candy Corn – Check, Dressing up in Costume (that I purchased last week because I couldn’t wait another day) – Check Check!

What scary movies are you all most excited to watch this Halloween season? Do you have a traditional line up? Do you have a personal list that you knock out every year? Let me know which movies you think are the Absolute-Must-See-Films and I will go through the lists with reviews.

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Chilling Tips For A Terrifying Halloween Party 2016

pumpkinsAre you having a party this weekend to celebrate Halloween? You’ve got everything, right? You’ve picked up the pumpkin, and carved it? You’ve the scariest movies to play? You’ve got your copy of “The Monster Mash” to dance to? But have you ticked these terrifying items off your list?

Very Creative Costumes

Encourage guests to get into the Halloween spirit, and ask that they come in full costume. If possible, host with a close friend or maybe a member of your family, and split costs and jobs equally. Purchasing costumes can get expensive! Make a costume with clothing and material from home, or shop at a nearby thrift store. You can make it easy!

The Choco-Cauldron

Decorate with plastic black cauldrons from any local party store. Decorate tables with cauldrons. Fill them with candy, miniature cookies, or candles to serve as centrepieces. Grab and go flower bouquets are another great way to brighten any dark dining room table.

Decorate with plastic black cauldrons from any local party store. Use cauldrons to brighten a dull dining or family room table. Make centrepieces out of cauldrons filled with candy, miniature cookies or candles. To be more formal, place grab and go Marigold bouquets on each table. Go to town and have fun!

A Chilling Playlist

A Halloween party is incomplete without specific tunes to spread a spooky vibe. There are plenty of great Halloween tracks out there.  Just look on iTunes!

Hourly Food

It pays to serve food as soon as guests arrive. Serving food in one location is a great way to have guests meet; as more people arrive begin serving drinks. How about presenting different types of alcohol in different ways.

Scary Movies

Set up a space to watch scary movies. Keep thrilling horror movies playing throughout the night so guests have the option to drop in, grab a bite, and get scared by a classic horror movie. Place bite sized Halloween desserts on a table in a corner of the room. Make it exciting!

Themed Desserts

Bake Halloween cookies and cupcakes with friends to make preparing for the party less stressful. Bake ahead of time to reduce stress and keep the kitchen clean for the day of the party.

Just remember that sometimes purchasing a dessert can be so much easier than getting flour and crumbs all over the kitchen before guests arrive.

Far, Far Away Event!

Great News!
Far, Far Away, the sequel to Fade Away, is officially available on Amazon.
Also, I’m having an event to share the love with you.
When: Friday, October 28th, 2016
Time: 7:30pm-9pm EST
Be sure to stop for some fun!
M. L. ❤

The Scariest Movies On Netflix… They’re Coming For You!

faceLove Netflix? This Halloween I’m sure there will be a lot of horror movies streaming on that service. But which movies should you pick? With the thousands of films currently available on Netflix I thought it might be a good idea to put together a blog with some of the better films on offer. If you are looking for something scary, and delightful… check out this list!

The Babadook

With all the competition movies have in the horror genre—it takes a film like “The Babadook” to stand out. The Babadook is no ordinary horror movie. It tells the story of a mother struggling to control her young son who is plagued by visions of a monster he thinks is coming to kill them. He may be right. Genuinely terrifying.


Why does Hollywood have such an obsession with creepy kids? Every single time some young person finds themselves possessed we run behind the sofa. Insidious sees a couple fight supernatural forces when their son enters a comatose state, finding himself becoming the host for ghosts from an astral dimension. Whatever you do, don’t watch it alone. Seriously… Just don’t. If you’re alone this Halloween pick something else to view.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

If you’re going to make a film about an exorcism, there’s a lot of competition. One of the greatest horror movies of all time was, afterall, about exorcism. This is a very creepy movie, based on a true story, that just takes the creepiness to the next level. “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” is well worth your time, and attention.

The Devil Inside

Over twenty years after a woman murdered three people, her daughter Isabella travels to a hospital for the criminally insane to work out if her mother is suffering from delusions or actual demonic possession. Unfortunately, it’s the latter and it isn’t long before she’s recruiting two exorcists to help her fight back for her mother’s soul. A seriously addictive horror movie.


A horror-comedy which rightfully takes its place on our list because it ignores everything it should do as a horror picture and carves its own identity. A movie that you will probably enjoy more each time you see it. You will see it twice. I can almost guarantee it.