Special Offer of Blowing The Whistle & Keep Moving By Ivy

This week has dragged on with assistance of the weather complicating things. Today I felt inspired to give a special offer of Blowing The Whistle out for free on Amazon. Make sure to grab your copy before the special ends on May 6th!

It’s Friday and while some are lucky to have the weekend off, others have to work through it. This song is for you. We all just have to keep moving. 🙂

Taking one step back.
Trying to pull yourself together.
No matter what you say nothing you do
Can hold back the forces on you forever.

You can’t fight the undertow.
Not when you’re all alone.
You can’t fight the undertow.
How long ’til you let go?

Undertow By Ivy

Breeze Series, Destiny Series & Hope Series

Taking one step…