The Next Book On The List

I have been trying to keep up on reading not just because I enjoy it but my list is ever growing. And there seems to be a strange disconnect between what I want to read, what I purchase to read and what I actually read. My to-be-read list has at least 100 books on the wait list and my ‘want’ to read has pushed me to buy at least 30 books. Here’s the disconnect, my time is limited leaving hardly any time to get in all the reading that I want but my finger- the one who presses “1-Click” for purchases, doesn’t seem to get it. That finger of mine keeps buying all these wonderful books and now when I have to choose just one with my limited time frame, it’s more difficult than it should be.

I know deep down that I will read every single one of them but which to start with? The one with the cover that I like? The one with the author that I love? The one with a paranormal background and adult pretenses? Or the young adult that promised an emotional roller-coaster? Where do I begin? So to cause myself further grief, I’m opening up the floor to all of you. My finger has been clicking away anyway but I’m still unsure of where to start.

If anyone has read an amazing story please let me know. I’d love a long list to look through that my fellow readers have enjoyed fully. My finger would be extremely grateful.