Lake Mungo Review (No Spoilers)

Lake Mungo Back Blurb – Alice drowns while swimming and her family begins experiencing inexplicable events in their home. The family hires a parapsychologist whose investigation unveils Alice’s secret double life and leads them all to Lake Mungo. Initial release: June 18, 2008 Director: Joel Anderson Screenplay: Joel Anderson Language: English Language

This Australian movie was set up very well with a believable cast. The story starts off with the retelling of what happened the day Alice drowns. There are some shakey camera scenes and found footage in Lake Mungo that viewers should be aware of if that causes them motion sickness. One big take away for me personally is the amount of sadness throughout the entire story. From the initial loss of their daughter to the many twists and turns that have the family confused on who to trust and where to turn next.

The amount of grief from the beginning to the end fluctuates, but it never disappears. As the viewer focuses on Alice’s life, we are left with our own opinions on what happened as the secrets start to unravel until the very end. And only at the end does it all make sense. All the pieces of the puzzle are put together in a way that forces you to really see what you’ve been staring at all along.

I can say that I enjoyed the movie for what it was. There were so many details that were used to throw off the viewer. I found that what I was waiting for (jump scares, etc) were non-existent. “Alice kept secrets. She kept the fact that she kept secrets a secret,” her friend quotes in the film. There is no better explanation than that for what goes on between Alice and everyone else. I will admit that the story came full circle. However, I was looking for more of a Paranormal Activity type film and this was not that. I found that I wasn’t scared and was left in a somber mood after. So be prepared if you decide to watch this movie.

I will be reviewing another movie next week. If you have any movie recommendations or requests, please let me know.

Halloween Season!

Hey Everyone! I know I’ve been away for a long while (so sorry!), but I’m back and ready to enjoy the Halloween Season. It just so happens to be one of my favorite times of year. Scary Movies – Check, Candy Corn – Check, Dressing up in Costume (that I purchased last week because I couldn’t wait another day) – Check Check!

What scary movies are you all most excited to watch this Halloween season? Do you have a traditional line up? Do you have a personal list that you knock out every year? Let me know which movies you think are the Absolute-Must-See-Films and I will go through the lists with reviews.

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A Tale Of Two Sisters

This is one of my favorite songs from this movie. If you’ve never seen the movie A Tale of Two Sisters please get the original and use subtitles. It is one of the most inspiring, scary, mysterious, creative and psychologically thrillers that I’ve seen in a long time.

Inconvenient Nap Time

This is all my fault…I feel that I need to just put the obvious blame on myself at the start. I stayed up until 2am watching horror films, random cardio dancing and munching on Twizzlers. When the alarm went off in the morning, I knew I was going to be tired for the rest of the day. No complaints or whining about something I had clear control over.

I had a family friend come over to assist in doing my hair up nicely. The only downside is that she is very heavy handed. As a precaution I took Benadryl to save myself from the pain she was going to inflict upon my scalp. Do you see the error? Not only was I wrong…she didn’t hurt me in the least but now I’m drugged up…and exhausted.

And my husband wants me to cook dinner. I don’t mind as I prepared it already and just have to throw it in the oven(for 80 minutes). However my eyelids are literally drooping and my head is doing the crazy up and down bob trying to fight off the sleep that my body is demanding at this point in time.

Have I learned my lesson? I’d say yes but the truth is I’ll most likely be up until 2-3am once again tonight. Trying to fight an inconvenient nap while dinner is in the oven. At least my hair came out in perfect curls…that is the only upside to this.

Bad Decisions At Night

Sleepaway Camp III Review – Didn’t the title say enough? Making terrible decisions. This one isn’t as bad as the second one but still. That isn’t saying much.

Supposed to be writing but I’m not. Considering watching The Initiation from 1984. I’ve heard good reviews on this movie. Fingers crossed.

Sleepaway Camp Review: Scarred isn’t a strong enough word for what I felt after watching this movie. Without spoiling the ending, I’m just going to state that I was totally on board with the movie until the end. Yes, it was shocking but I felt bad for the bad person. The director did a job well done on this movie except for the fact that I felt more sympathy at the end than fear. I’m sure that isn’t what other’s felt but I blame the parent in charge of the whole mess. If you’ve never seen the movie, it is on youtube. All I can say is that I’m never looking at a curling iron the same way again.

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers Review: I was informed that this movie was much better than the original which was a bunch of lies. The first was executed in much better taste without being annoying. I don’t have anything positive to say about the sequel so I won’t say anything else about it.

Just got back from my best friend’s house. The first contact with civilization since my beloved flew away. Spent the majority of the time laughing and listening to music. And with the assistance of her boyfriend, I have finally figured out the name of my town for the Destiny Series. I like it but I’m going to run it by a few friends before setting it in stone.

Also the creative bug bit my hand today and a new story came rushing out of the wound. It came in the form of random scenes and mental images with a dominating personality. Eventually it will become a whole story but until then it will be a side project.

Sleepaway Camp Review