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All I wanted was to buy one book…
Black Rain By Matthew B. J. Delaney
The Gold Coast By Nelson DeMille
The Girls Next Door By Mel Sherratt
Hope’s Peak By Tony Healey
The Night Bird By Brian Freeman
Devour By Shelly Crane
Dancers in the Dark By Charlaine Harris
Born at Midnight By C. C. Hunter
Big Little Lies By Liane Moriarty
Do Not Disturb By A. R. Torre
10 exciting adventures purchased, but where to begin?

Destiny Series

Book #1 -Charmed, Book #2 -Spiral, Book #3 -Reflections

Already at chapter 5 in the third book outline. Is it time for a new mythical being to appear? Maybe….could be… 🙂 And just when some important information was about to be given. Oh well…

All Megan wanted was to graduate college with a degree. Her part time job as a projectionist at the local movie theatre was perfect for income and quiet study time. She never expected an attractive stranger to barge into her stable life leaving nothing but a snarky remark and scorching heat beneath her skin. All the warnings are there but Megan can’t seem to escape the scrutiny or stubbornness surrounding her. Can Megan shove all the distractions aside or will she succumb to her destiny?

Over Zealous

With the help of a space heater my fingers tremble a little less. Back tracking on the Destiny series…excitement with an over zealous determination caused a fun loving 14 chapters until I realized that it wasn’t plausible whatsoever. One clue that was being held over the characters had been cleared up in the first book. Cue head banging against the desk. Trying desperately to save all the work but switching the clues about so not all the awesomeness is wasted.

Thinking through the way I plotted out the first outline, I never exactly explain what the creatures are…or at least not right away. Which is good mystery however by the time I actually name it the details already explain themselves. Is it possible to not state what the mythical creature is until the last sentence of the book? The details are obvious so I feel actually saying it makes the reader feel like an idiot. I’m not going to spell it out but the hints are there. Would it be best to write out the whole story line before breaking it up into novels or chapters?