The Curse of Chapter Ten

I seem to be cursed when writing a story. It makes no difference whether the story is only in my mind or if I have managed to plot an outline out. It’s worse when there is an outline, stating word for word what is to happen, how it is to happen, what needs to be said and how the situation is supposed to be resolved or left with a cliff hanger.

It doesn’t get much easier than that. And yet here I sit…staring at the Heading Chapter Ten, waiting for my fingers to press down the keys on my laptop to continue the story. Frustration doesn’t even begin to cover it. And if you were wondering if this is happening only because I’m trying to force it, think again. This has happened with Shake It Up, Glimmer of Hope, Hope Has A Glare and now Blowing the Whistle.

Poor Charmed Destiny has a four book plot outline set and ready to be banged out. Yet that is still in the infancy of chapter two of book one. I can’t tell if it’s a curse, a jinx, or my mind playing a cruel joke on me. I’m going to make another cup of tea and cross my fingers that something will come out today. My goal is another 2,000 words so I’m not losing hope just yet.


The Shakes Happy Update

I’ve replotted out my Shakes novel and can happily state that it’s going to be 22 chapters long. I feel that the characters get out everything that needs to come across within this time frame. I didn’t plan for this to be a series, it is a stand alone as of right now. However I’m leaving the option open for more. Maybe one day one of the characters will start screaming about a change or dilemma that will bring a sequel.

When reading a novel that I love, I dislike when the ending comes because the adventure is over. And it’s a pleasant surprise should a sequel come after it. I’d feel like I’d be jipping other reader’s who are like myself, by making an ending that is so final that nothing can come from it.

Stretching out my arms and cracking my knuckles before digging in. 🙂

Work in Progress on Charmed Destiny Series

I’m starting to worry with all the plotting that I have accomplished for this series. I have taken baby steps in making Seth’s point of view and have just started Megan’s and I’m not happy. I can’t repeat what the first half of the story is unless it is majorly different between the two characters. Debating who should go first with the story…

Frustrated. As a writer I want it all…but that won’t be possible without something being left out in the first chapter but I do have a whole book to find a way to get the tid bits in there. Reworking the outline with crossed fingers.

Blowing the Whistle Update

I didn’t realize how much I was doing until the page number caught me off guard. I’ve already outlined 9pgs. of work and it hasn’t even hit the steamy scenes or dramatic build up. It’s either moving at a snail’s pace or I’ve over detailed. I believe it’s the latter but that will help in the end result. Still haven’t picked a place to set this story in but considering somewhere down south. The warmer climate will be a lot more fun for creative expression.

Officially wiped for the evening, more writing tomorrow. Pulling out my Kindle and enjoying a good read, Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero By Charles E. Yallowitz. Night all!