Closed Up – Poem

I can feel the distance between us,

No matter how fast I run towards you,

Your eyes seem to dim with every step,

I don’t know how we got here,

I don’t remember the path we took,

Did I let you down?

Was it the things I didn’t do?

The distance expands further,

My arms have little effect on holding you,

You see right through me,

Our connection blocked with words unsaid,

I didn’t mean to hurt you,

I never wanted you to walk away,

Did I ruin us?

Was it the things I didn’t do?

There’s nothing left to find
I’ve drank all the wine
Close the door
I need peace of mind

There’s no one here
I’ve finished off the beer
Lock the door
I don’t want you near

There’s nowhere to run
I’ve emptied the rum
Kick the door
I know that were done

Just Go By Katrina – Shake It Up

There’s nothing…

Poetry Throwback

Rummaging through old creative writing notebooks from High school and came across a bunch of poems.

The Unbeliever

You are so ugly,

You evil, uncaring, friend of mine,

With the hugs and laughs,

Nothing but pure hatred for your lack of interest,

Your unraveled colored curls of falseness,

That only a mother could love,

The way I feel for you,

Makes my rage divide up into groups,

Like hating you wasn’t low enough.