The Nightmare Before Christmas Author Event!

Join us for a creepy-cool themed holiday party!

When: December 20th – Begins at 2pm EST
M. L. Newman Appearance at 4:15pm EST
Host: Vicki Rose
Don’t miss a fun, Nightmare of a Holiday party! ♥

Paranormal Passions Online Event!

Hey Paranormal Readers!
Join for a chance to meet new authors, fellow readers and tons of contests & prizes.
When: Dec 6th, 2015 2pm EST
Time: 4:15pm EST M. L. Newman Appearance
Where: Your Computer
Host: Vicki Rose

Mind Games & Tricks

I need two extra heads and four extra sets of arms. Within the last two weeks, I’ve become swamped with work and unable to write or read like I’d love to do. I think my brain finds it hilarious, sitting back in a lounge chair, sending cute little creative ideas to frustrate me further. Two book ideas I have scribbled down to write months ago seemed to seep out from the cracks, plaguing me with ideas, names, places, situations, conversation that I literally couldn’t put down on paper.  It was just mean.

I recently finished my first YA novel, Breeze Series. I’m so pleased with how it turned out, everything that I told myself it would be, it has become. And I can’t stop thinking about jumping into the sequel but I have no time to divulge the way I want. So lunch time and breaks are devoted to quick notes, ideas on loose leaf paper to be stuffed into my purse.

And worse, another fantastic YA idea came along. I have yet to read a story or even hear of a story like the one in my mind which excites me. The scary/worse part is who knows when I’ll be able to pull it out. I have so many stories to be written between adult romantic thriller series, adult stand alone, adult paranormal series, and YA paranormal series. It’s almost insane to add another to the list but I know it’s a story that needs to be told.

Other than having a purse filled with tons of pieces of loose leaf paper with ideas jotted down on it, anyone have ideas on how to best get everything out? It feels like the harder I try to stay focused on work that needs to be done, the more my brain chuckles sending out ‘movie scenes’ that are wonderful. Does this issue plague anyone else? Any advice on this would help as  I’m driving myself crazy. (Had to switch to a smaller purse…no big notebook will fit anymore and it feels odd writing on my breaks…like I’m James Bond trying to quickly get the message understood before it blows up in my face. )

Hope Series Moving Ahead

After two days of non-existent writing, I’m back on board. I’m editing the sequel to Glimmer of Hope, Hope Has A Glare, and adding the little details needed before calling that finished. And then I’ll be plotting the outline for the third installment. Excited to get this final book down for the trilogy, it’s going to be so much fun to write with all the plot twists and turns.


Gratefulness & Support

I haven’t been saying much for the last few days but that is all due to the major amount of work I’ve been putting into my works. The creative juices have been flowing and my smile has been plastered to my face for hours. And I will admit to doing the happy dance quite a few times but nothing will beat today.

A good buddy of mine has been assisting reviewing my works and vice versa. I don’t know how it happened but a scene that I’ve been “writer blocked” on for at least 3 months came spilling out of my fingers and onto the page. I kid you not, I was stuck on chapter 5 and continued on with the story to chapter 10 with this: [Scene Here.] And something tells me that it’s has a great deal to do with my new friend/good luck charm. Having a support system in place works wonders on a tired/stressed mind.

I am officially thanking and advocating on his behalf. Check out his blog to see all the awesomeness that I am already aware of. 🙂