The Stress of Editing

As a writer, we all have talents. Whether we are fabulous story tellers, terrific scene describers or dialogue specialists that ingrain certain conversations into the readers mind for years. With those positive skills leaves the faults. Writers work on sentence structure, showing and not telling, expressing emotions clearly and understandably connecting the words directly to the readers heartstrings. 

Editing is a need and a process. I have learned to take it in small doses. I can’t sit and stare and work on it for hours…without beginning to hate every single word plotted out. And I mean hate….build a bonfire, print out a copy of said works and do a dance while it burns to ash. And only a copy because as soon as the fire dies down, I’m full of Smores and my mind is elsewhere, can I comeback to reality. And start fresh to edit said works.

Instead of going to all that work (even though Smores sound delicious), I’ve learned to take a step back. Pick up a novel and travel to another world for a bit. Maybe travel to Windemere and see what my friend Luke is upto(thanks to Charles E Yallowitz). Or hang out with a new dear friend Jamie Ryder and go for a run(thanks to rbdavis5).

Don’t let the stress of editing take away your love of writing because it is worth it in the end. A quote I read once was, “A real writer never quits.” Not only do I have no plans to quit writing but all the street lights are starting to change from red to green. I’m going to keep it moving. 🙂