An Inspirational Birthday Gift

For my birthday weekend, my BFFL took me to my very first convention. I won’t deny that it was a Vampire Diaries convention and yes I can feel all your judgey little eyes on me. It was an amazing experience, not just because I was able to meet and get photos taken with the actors but because of the Q&A session.

The actor who plays Kol Mikaelson- Nathaniel Buzolic was the one person I wasn’t expecting. I knew he was going to be there at the convention but his character is basically on the bad side. Interest in him wasn’t very high until he took the stage. He was funny, honest and extremely down to earth.

Nathaniel didn’t hesitate to get off stage and run into the crowd, pick out a fan for a question or give out hugs. He was so cool that it kind of blew my mind. But here is when things took a turn for the awesome. He started telling us about his family and friends in Australia and about his past dreams of wanting to be an actor.

He struggled as most actors do and was down to his last $20 before considering going back to his home country. That’s when fate intervened. A single phone call stating that he had gotten the job in Vampire Diaries; he would be starting in a few days or so. It was an eye opening and down-right-amazing timing that the call had come.

But his message was to not give up. No matter how many times you fail, no matter how many people say ‘you’ll never make it’, no matter how many times you are hit with disappointments; you must chase your dreams. This speech really inspired my BFFL and we had the lucky opportunity to tell him how much his words meant to us.

We have all had moments of second guessing especially as a writer. Should I really be doing this? Shouldn’t this be easier? Will anyone be willing to read this? Will anyone like it? No one wants to be a flop or worse a nobody. But you’ll never know unless you try and that was the point. You have to try and be the best that you can be because that phone call could be just around the corner for all of us.

So whenever you feel down, disappointed, frustrated or like quitting. Just remember that everyday is a new day. A new day with unlimited chances, expectations and opportunities. Never stop chasing your dreams.

Distractingly Focused

The plan for today is to work on ‘The Shakes’ and complete this novel in entirety. Or at least as close as it’s going to come today but for the week the whole novel. It is one of the firsts that I’ve wanted to get out there and I need to stay focused.

Speaking of focused…I keep finding youtube videos of my favorite actor from Vampire Diaries dancing to funny music and it is distracting in the worst kind of way. The distracting where you watch one video and laugh so hard that your hands have already clicked on the next and before you know it, you have no idea where you are and why. I’ve done that at least four times in the last hour. And I even planned out a future convention to attend to meet said actor because my attention span is out of control.

Trying to get back to writing but I’ve already been distracted three times just trying to get this blog out. I’ve plotted out the hotel room costs, the hour and a half drive to the convention, the amount of money for tickets, etc.

Oh man…I may have to shut my internet off for the day just to get some work done. Turning on my writing playlist and hoping that it helps. I’ve gotten three paragraphs out already. Fingers crossed I don’t have to resort to turning off my computer in total and writing by hand to get it out.

Shocked – Blowing the Whistle Update

I don’t know what happened…but my fingers started typing and the next thing I knew it was done. The whole story line completed. A good portion of it is even written and ready to be put into the novel form (I got carried away with details). Amazed at how easy that was but it is only the beginning. Another reason for today to be Terrific Thursday, Blowing the Whistle Outline complete and Vampire Diaries. 🙂