A Writing Exercise

Not too long ago, I was having trouble trying to write and a dear friend assisted in getting me past the writing issue. I say issue because I could easily see the scene, hear the words but my fingers couldn’t write out what I wanted. Maybe out of fear? Frustration? It just refused to make itself known.

And I’m sure someone is screaming, ‘It’s still writers block!’ but Oh well. My writers block usually consists of nothing, no sight, no scene, no sense of direction and lack of interest in continuing to write that particular story temporarily.

My friend told me to take out a piece of paper and pen. Turn off everything so that I would be focused. I was given a short time limit and three words. I was to continue from that and decide after whether it was worth saving. I have decided after the fact that no it’s not worth saving. However I felt the urge to share it. My friend encouraged the share with only a few mini complaints (a few word choices and a slight stumble), which I totally agree but it was TIMED! It won’t be awesome the first time through.

It’s not the greatest and once again, it’s just a writing exercise that I used and encourage others to try just to get the creativity flowing again. Feel free to let me know what you think.

“I should have…”
I should have listened harder to the words he was saying instead of ignoring him. Most of the time, his words were endless ramblings about the news or politics. It seemed to effect him more and more, the more passionate he became the further I tuned him out. How was I supposed to know that their was mixed meaning implied?
Complaints of how dangerous the neighborhood was getting crawled at the bottom of the screen. He stated several times that moving away would be a blessing but I took it for the inner calling he has to travel. A vacation right now would break our budget. And it’s not like I’d get time off of work.
I should have paid attention to the signs that were flashing instead of blowing them off. The truth was obvious but my heart wasn’t in it. And it must have showed. Late nights working and mood changes were routine from my end. It never mattered before.
I should have let him go ahead with his plans. Not tearing down his ideas or belittling his manhood. He never rebutted which always left a surge of power roiling through my veins. And yet here I lay in a pool of my own DNA. Staring at the man that finally lost his cool.
I should have loved him. Maybe my end would have been different.

Creative Disconnection

I have been writing my chapter ten for the YA Breeze Series with not much issue until last night. I literally wrote everything I needed, a perfect cliff hanger ready to be set…when nothing happened. It wasn’t even like I blanked it, the scene was still floating in front of my eyes. I could hear the words that needed to be said and all the ground work has been laid out perfectly for the cliff hanger. So please explain to me why everything in my mind wouldn’t come out on paper.

Three separate ending attempts were made before I turned it all off and went to bed. This morning, I knew I was going to work on chapter eleven because chapter ten was pretty much complete. I reread the last few pages to get in the groove, tone, and character of getting the ending completed when once again, nothing would come out correctly.

Expressing my current mood/thoughts: anger, frustration, irritation, annoyance, and creative disconnection. With outline in hand, checking off each completed task has been a huge help but to this end my mind has gone into overload with colors, voices, expressions, emotions that my fingers simply can’t get right onto paper.

So I made a huge star and comments on the outline to go back, fix/work on it. However the ending that is sitting in it’s place is awful…I mean the kind of awful where a string of curses fly through my mind as I reread it and I’m mentally trying to punch it in the face. Yeah…that’s exactly where I am right now.

Attempting to move on to chapter eleven, forgetting the scene behind me but it’s difficult. The background music is no longer a help but a hindrance, TV will only distract me into being unproductive  and my brain is screaming at the top of it’s lungs ‘Get It Together!’.

At least I can be grateful that the creative juices are flowing. I just need a proper cup to fill up with.

Lesson Learned From An Infant

I have been playing this strange magician’s trick for the last few weeks. Most know it as the disappearing act but the reality is that I haven’t really gone anywhere. It’s strange but a cloud filled with silence decided to surround me and no words would come out. I have been trying to write a true blog post for the past 2-3 weeks but nothing would come out, nothing real and nothing worthy of being said.

Unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with this same issue in my writing. I have been stuck for longer than I’d like to admit with my YA paranormal novel as well as my A paranormal novel. A great friend and fellow writer told me to take it slow, one chapter a week at least to get the ball rolling. I have been writing chapter four since Monday and today is the last day. Not only have I plotted, outlined with great detail, I even managed to throw in dialogue BUT my fingers refuse to type. My mind goes blank as my creative side dives into one of the crevices. I didn’t realize I was playing Hide N’ go Seek.

 Last night I decided to go out with my mom for an hour, just to get my mind off of the book and relax. Maybe I was being way too uptight? Maybe I wasn’t allowing what I needed to come through because I was forcing it? So I went to a party of a family friend and was kidnapped by a baby. I swear he held on and refused to let go.

I had made my rounds saying ‘hello’ and ‘how are you?’ until I was spotted. This adorable baby boy somehow managed to con his way home with us for a few hours. (Okay it was more like he was tired but couldn’t sleep because he was so afraid of missing something.) So in the quiet and calm of my home, I attempted to sit down with him on my lap. He began to cry, for some reason that I’ll never understand, he wanted me to pace the floor rocking him continuously. So I walked and walked until my arms began to hurt immensely. His eyes started to droop to a close and I began laying him down in the crib we had so he could sleep. I knew that the second he closed his eyes (not faking it like he had prior), he would fall asleep fast.

Unfortunately, he had other plans. The second I laid him down, he screamed bloody murder and I knew exactly what he was saying by the look on his face. “HOW COULD YOU? I WAS SO HAPPY IN YOUR ARMS! DON’T YOU DARE PUT ME DOWN AGAIN!” The cute little bundle of joy, hollered his life away as I continued to pace the floor, trying to plague me with more guilt by baby whining “HOW CAN I TRUST YOU NOW? If I close my eyes, you’ll put me down again!”

I felt so bad causing him to have his little fit plus I knew he was overtired; his second wind had come and gone. So for the next hour to hour and a half, I paced the floor until his tiny eyes couldn’t stay open anymore. I finally got to sit down and he stayed asleep. Every twenty minutes or so he would fuss with a tiny kick of his foot or rub his face but rocking from side to side, calmed him down and he stayed asleep until his parents came to pick him up.

Last night, I remembered the cute faces he made, his adorable smile and the funny little bubbles he made with his mouth. Even now there is still a small amount of guilt, I have for making him have his little fit but putting him down in the crib. I didn’t expect my night to turn out that way at all. I thought I was going out for an hour and coming back to my laptop to possibly write a few paragraphs or at least get some ideas down for the plot.

Now that it’s 9 in the morning, I realized the truth of the matter as well as the lesson learned. That adorable bundle of joy, taught me something. Not just parenting experiences but with my ‘baby’. All my novels are my ‘babies’ and I would never want to hurt them or cause them to freak out like he had. I can imagine at least two of mine screaming at me now, “HOW COULD YOU PUT ME DOWN!?” So today I am going to put in the effort to finish my YA chapter four, work on my A paranormal novel and fiddle around with another story that hasn’t had attention in a long while.

I had no idea that going to a party was going to have such an effect on what I did today. And it’s all thanks to a 5 month old. 🙂

Fresh Air Doesn’t Help Writers Block!

Yesterday I had attempted to work on my Charmed Destiny novel without any type of success. My husband decided that some fresh air would help, so to the tennis courts we went. We have played 4 full games so far and my score is 0-4 :(.

For championship point, I knew he was going to try to ace it. I strategically placed myself awaiting the strike, not only was I ready but I already knew I was going to slice it gently back over the net. However something went wrong…either I didn’t time the slice correctly or he hit it much harder than I realized but the ball hit my racquet only to shoot up and swipe my throat. Needless to say the game ended on sour terms. He wouldn’t express his happiness of winning even though it shown in his eyes and I tried to hide how much it hurt with a smile.

For the rest of the evening, I stared at the laptop screen…waiting some sort of inspiration to hit but nothing came. It took a few hours of staring and thinking before I quit for the night, deciding to get more writing done in the morning.

Cut to this morning…We (Husband and I) decided to get up early to play tennis again. As a wife I know my husbands secrets like he can’t function without coffee first and that it takes him a while to wake up.

I took him to the courts and stated, “After the game, we’ll get a celebratory coffee.”

🙂 Yes, I’m aware that this is unfair but I need every advantage I can get! I served first and got the first game under my belt in minutes, it felt so good. He was dragging so bad that I even offered to make it a short game, the first to win 3 sets wins it all. He agreed and on his set we were already at 0-30.

I knew I had this in the bag…until he aced right passed my blinking eyes. It was horrible, I didn’t even get the thought of moving to my limbs it happened so quickly. And my husband smiled complaining, “You need to actually go for the ball.”

Annoyed, I made my stance, gripped the handle and swayed from side to side. I was going to hit the next ball and make him suffer for that. I have all the advantages on my side. So i watched him bounce the ball a few times, raise his racquet and swing. I watched it sail over the net quickly, bounce close and took a step back to hit it. Only for it to savagely assault my throat again, right at the base where it connects to my chest.

My racquet dropped instantly from my hands…really? This is how my morning is going to start? Did I not think of almost everything to make sure I got a win? My husband quit then, advised that it was too early for both of us to play and bought us breakfast.

And here I sit once again, staring at my laptop screen hoping for some sort of inspiration to hit as quickly and hard as the tennis ball did me. Two days in a row. I know that I’ll be laughing about this in a few days, in my head it sounds hilarious but right now I still can’t imagine how it happened.

Fresh air most definitely doesn’t help writers block!

The Curse of Chapter Ten

I seem to be cursed when writing a story. It makes no difference whether the story is only in my mind or if I have managed to plot an outline out. It’s worse when there is an outline, stating word for word what is to happen, how it is to happen, what needs to be said and how the situation is supposed to be resolved or left with a cliff hanger.

It doesn’t get much easier than that. And yet here I sit…staring at the Heading Chapter Ten, waiting for my fingers to press down the keys on my laptop to continue the story. Frustration doesn’t even begin to cover it. And if you were wondering if this is happening only because I’m trying to force it, think again. This has happened with Shake It Up, Glimmer of Hope, Hope Has A Glare and now Blowing the Whistle.

Poor Charmed Destiny has a four book plot outline set and ready to be banged out. Yet that is still in the infancy of chapter two of book one. I can’t tell if it’s a curse, a jinx, or my mind playing a cruel joke on me. I’m going to make another cup of tea and cross my fingers that something will come out today. My goal is another 2,000 words so I’m not losing hope just yet.

Blowing the Whistle Surprise

I had been working on the outline for this novel for a very short period of time. And with a jump of the creativity wizard I was able to start writing this out today. Officially doing the happy dance since I’m already on chapter two and it’s only been within two hours of actual writing/formatting/editing etc.

Ally is already one of my favorite characters to write under. She isn’t like any character I’ve done before and that makes me smile from ear to ear. Originality with purpose 🙂

Getting back on the writing train and exploring how creative I can be.

Gratefulness & Support

I haven’t been saying much for the last few days but that is all due to the major amount of work I’ve been putting into my works. The creative juices have been flowing and my smile has been plastered to my face for hours. And I will admit to doing the happy dance quite a few times but nothing will beat today.

A good buddy of mine has been assisting reviewing my works and vice versa. I don’t know how it happened but a scene that I’ve been “writer blocked” on for at least 3 months came spilling out of my fingers and onto the page. I kid you not, I was stuck on chapter 5 and continued on with the story to chapter 10 with this: [Scene Here.] And something tells me that it’s has a great deal to do with my new friend/good luck charm. Having a support system in place works wonders on a tired/stressed mind.

I am officially thanking and advocating on his behalf. Check out his blog to see all the awesomeness that I am already aware of. 🙂 http://rbdavis5.wordpress.com/