The Rules of Writing: Tips To Help You Become A Great Writer

writing 2

Write every single day. Sit down, zone out and write away.

Start a blog, like this one. Use it to talk about your writing process, share your ideas, theories and experiences.

Use writing exercises to improve your skills, strengthen your talent, and explore different styles, genres, and writing techniques.

Just let go of your inner editor. When you sit down to write, refrain from proofreading until that draft is finished.

Allow yourself to write poorly, to write a weak, uninteresting story or a boring, grammatically incorrect poem. Allow yourself to fail. Failures teach us all about success.

You are a writer so say it out loud: “I am a writer.” Part of being anything is believing it yourself.

Read as much and as often as you can. Every great writer begins as a reader.

Keep a journal or notebook handy at all times so you can jot down all of your brilliant ideas. You never know when you will be able to slip that idea into a story.

Make sure you have a dictionary and thesaurus available whenever you are writing. You will need them.

Watch people! The people that surround you will provide you with great inspiration for characters, plots, and themes. This has been proven time, and time again, by some of the biggest writers in the business.