The Gaia Chronicles

With the entire succession of my website approaches the completion of my story.

I’m not as excited for anything else, other than the entire completion of novel one.

Already stated: Doesn’t mean I do not appreciate all the positive feedback I’ve received.

I thank the new facebook fans 120+ today Feb,21,2013

I appreciate the viewpoints, commentaries in addition to all every blogger I’ve run into and chatted with.

But I’m continuing, so i can  appreciate all you so much more.

I’m now editing chapter 8 and finishing chapter 9.

Thank you to all who have supported me all through my journey so far.

Please remember everything has changed to TheGaiaChronicles.Org

Our facebook page is :

OurTwitter is :

Please follow, share, like, retweet.

Please s take part with sharing my blog and help me get my prologue out to the masses.

An exclusive thankfulness to slepsnor, I have a gift…

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