Hiding Under The Covers

Woke up to a broken furnace. Hot tea and electric blankets are going to get me through the day and night. While preparing to step out of the warmth of bedding, my mind was going through the list of books that I’ve read. What made the books I love so special? Was it the sarcasm? Was it the characters? What made the books I didn’t like so uninteresting? Too much talking? Not enough action?

I fell in love with two books revolved around a love triangle however one book was very in depth with characters, emotions, and story. The other book was extremely simple…it didn’t go very deep but it didn’t have to because everything explained itself just perfectly. The differences were great but they both caught my attention, held it and made me crave more when it ended.

Having a pencil and notebook day. Plotting out more ideas for my books, expressing more details in some…deleting some in others. Trying to incorporate the reasons I loved the other books to my stories. You don’t have to care about the characters if the story is fabulous…and maybe when you least expect it you’ll start to care.

Commitment Issues

On a roll with murdering technology…another desktop and monitor on it’s way out. Annoyed but didn’t let it stop my fingers from typing out another story line. I’m having commitment issues. I can’t commit myself to a single piece of work more than an outline. I have loads of ideas, plots, details and funny one liners but nothing more. I have 12 story lines and 4 of those have at least a trilogy behind it if not more. Has anyone ever had this happen too?

Legends of Windemere

I was nominated for this award by Julian Froment and I’m in a great mood to accept this nomination.  Though, that might just be the coffee talking.

Here are the rules, but let’s be honest here and admit that we do the best we can with these things.  🙂

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  • 10-12 other fabulous bloggers must be nominated.
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Answer the questions:

1 – Favourite colour: Blue when I’m happy.  Red swirled with Black when angry.

2 – Favourite animal: Red Panda because they’re magic.

3 – Favourite number: 13 (Family tradition)

4 – Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Cherry seltzer

5 – Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook because I’m not interesting enough for…

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Open Survey

To NyQuil or not to NyQuil? That is the question. Actually it is happening whether I want to or not…cold has got to go. I am in the process of choosing an old vehicle…something really nice. I prefer the idea of 1958 Plymouth Fury. It’s such a beautiful machine that it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. What is an older vehicle that you love or would love to be able to drive nowadays in pristine condition?

Cowritting Project

The idea has been floating throughout my mind for the last 8 months but I wanted to have this experience along with someone. It is easy to write a book by yourself because you don’t have to compromise on anything however your creativity isn’t as unique with just one mind on it. It’s going to be interesting and I’m beyond excited to get this project rolling. This will be a murder mystery, thriller, suspense series with loads of sarcasm and wit. And of course my reliable touch of romance to keep things interesting.

The first difference with starting on book one is already knowing the end. You have to know the end sequence to get to the beginning. 🙂

Back Up

After being sick and useless, I awoke with new ideas and a hankering for bacon. I ate waffles and way too much bacon (thanks to my loving husband). Only to abruptly fall back asleep for an additional 4 hours. I thought the cold was gone…but apparently it was only taking a minor break. Not a lot of strength left for the rest of the day but taking a minute to jot down some of the crazy ideas and weird dreams brought on by NyQuil the night before. At least something good came out of it. That and possibly a new fear of mirrors.

Sleeping Beauty

Watched the 2011 movie Sleeping Beauty with Emily Browning and still haven’t recovered. So many emotions, so many uncomfortable topics and amazing beauty left my mind reeling with questions. None of it inspired any writing…in fact I think it did more damage because I wasn’t able to get out of my own head. It did encourage the exploration of details without showing…you don’t see what is going on in the mind of the female lead and it leaves you wondering what is truly effecting her the most.

Calling it an early night with a good book. And minor celebration to only receiving rain. Yay!

Worst Night’s Sleep Ever

Running on 4 hours of sleep, my back is in excruciating pain, and my nose is clogged (w/ a cold). The alarm for my husband went off and as I attempted to hit it off, I hit my lip balm and it has now disappeared. Gone forever. Out of all the reasons to be having a bad morning…losing the lip balm is the only reason I’m awake and pouting.